Saturday, 15 April 2017

Happy Easter

Well this year is certainly flying by at an alarming rate! It's a good job I'm getting plenty of stitching in although there is no actual finishing of said stitching going on. I did make a list the other week of the pieces I had that needed finishing to display and there were 14. Now there are 16! I despair!!!!

So, as you may have guessed I have had 2 more finishes. They have been WIPs since September and December so it was time they were finished really! First finish of the 2 was this one.

Renato Parolin Sotto La Neve

32 count Crafty Kitten Latte Murano


Started 14th September 2016

Finished 5th April 2017.

I just wish I could get a decent photo to show how gorgeous the fabric is. 

Finish no.2 is this one. My Monday night SAL with Barb.

Cross Eyed Cricket Collection Winter

18 count Silkweaver Expressions Blueberry Delight


Started 2nd December 2016

Finished 12th April 2017.

I just love how this looks on this fabric. I am so pleased with it.

So you would think that 2 finishes would mean 2 new starts but I have been very restrained so far and just had 1 small new start. This is Lizzie Kate Good Things which I've had in my stash for..............................hmmm I don't actually know. A LONG time! I have no idea what fabric I'm stitching it on but I'm hoping it'll look OK when it is finished!

As I said in my last post I was going to treat myself to some Nashville releases when they reached our shore. Well they reached our shore at the end of March at Peakside Needleworks. I did buy 2 of the CCN Jump for Joy and gifted one to my dear friend Barb for our sheep SAL! The good thing is I'd sold some charts that I had finished with and that paid for them and I have a bit leftover :)

Before I forget the winner of the Stitchers Anon chart is Brigitte. Brigitte please email me your address and I'll get it in the post to you after Easter.

I can now show the gift for Mouse as she has received it and I am very happy to say she like it.

My Big Toe Designs Stitching Buds

unknown fabric


Started 14th February 2017

Finished 16th February 2017

I have been making on progress on my other WIPs. This one is driving me a little mad with it being over 1 on 32 count. I have a hard time seeing it when I'm stitching with DMC 3865. It will be worth it but I may have been better with a brighter white!

My Lady at Christmas is coming along rather nicely. All that lacy bit did drive me a little mad but it looks so pretty all done. Just got the colours to fill in and I'll move onto the top of the dress.I am loving the fabric and I can see more purchases from Chromatic Alchemy in the future although probably not this year unless I get desperate!

Barb and I are still stitching away on our Friday night sheep SAL. I am stitching MND Bloom and I finally have a sheep! This is such a lovely piece. 

Of course no post is complete without my 2 HAED WIPs. I have to say I am starting to get very fed up of these! Once these are done I do want to start another but I am just not sure that I can. Oh how I wish I hadn't bought so many of them especially as I can't sell them or give them away with them being PDFs. Hopefully I'll live a very time and still get a few more stitched lol. 

My DH took Thursday off as one of his privilege days so we went to Tophill Low Nature Reserve. Last time we went there wasn't much there but this time.........we saw kingfishers!!!! We have never seen one before and we got to see a pair. They were sitting on eggs so we saw them when one came out of the nest and the other one went in. There were well placed branches for them to sit on so we got loads of photos. Some pretty rubbish to be fair but I'm not getting rid of them! We also saw a pair of grebes carrying nest material, pheasants, egrets etc. Here are just a few photos. 

 Last Sunday we popped into our nearest city Hull, which is this year's city of culture, for a wander round with our cameras.

Well I shall be on my way now and find something to do. I am on my own today as both girls are working and my DH has gone to Tophill Low with a chap from the local photography group. I might see if I can finish reading Guards! Guards!.

Until next time.

With much love.

Sally xxxx


Vickie said...

Oh Sally you should be pleased with Winter, it looks great! My Lady looks lovely in those colors. What wonderful photos you shared. Happy, Blessed Easter Sally!

Christine said...

Great finishes Sally, Sotto la Neve is just gorgeous.
You are so lucky to spot a kingfisher

Clare - Aimetu said...

Beautiful stitching and beautiful photos, Happy Easter

Linda said...

Gorgeous finishes and stitching Sally. Looks like you had some fun trips. Don't give up on your HAED's. Your almost done with them.


Barb said...

Whoop whoop Sally, Winter is finally over lol. Loving your stitching perfect as usual. Your photos are stunning what a lovely part of the country you are near. I have done a blog post today too,great minds however,I have an apology for you I forgot to put a pic of Jump for Joy will do next time. Will be in touch soon .Hugs

Mouse said...

well I am truly jealous of the kingfishers ... ours is no where to be seen atm ... apparently though we do have swan eggs .. may have to venture there tomorrow .. lovely stitching as always and don't despair at those finishes ... you ought to see my pile ... love my wee pillow and it is sat on my welsh dresser on top of my fabric :) love mouse xxxxx

Brigitte said...

Your two finishes are just gorgeous. I love Winter, just great. And considerable progress on all these WIPs - a lot of different styles that certainly make stitching them very enjoyable.
I'm very pleased to see that I won the little chart from your give-away. Thank you so much. I will contact you with my address soon.
Thanks for sharing all these pictures from your little trip.

Mii Stitch said...

Great finishes and new starts! Beautiful pictures of your trip too. Happy Easter!

cucki said...

beautiful finishes sally,
sending you love and hugs .
happy easter x

Lesleyanne said...

Great finishes Sally. Love your wips and your photographs are gorgeous.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Great finishes, Sally and good progress on your WIPs.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You have been busy! Congratulations on the finishes, they haven't been WIPs for too long, not compared to some of us anyway!
Crafty Kitten's fabrics can be difficult to photograph because the colours are so subtle. She is probably my favourite dyer. Her and Sparklies anyway!
If you ever consider selling the Winter chart, would you mind letting me know? I have a plan for the seasons!
I'd pass on the HAEDs though, even if you could sell them. I'd rather watch someone else stitch those!

butterfly said...

Happy Easter , my goodness Sally you are stitching so many lovely designs .
I also have a baskets of stitching to finish , its just having the time.
Lovely photos.

Andrea said...

Sally, what a wonderful post. Congratulations on the finishes, your WIPS are coming along beautifully too. You're oh so nearly there on the HAED's. Finish them, have a break from stitching anymore for a bit and perhaps something might call to you in 6 months time. Great new stash, will have to have a look at a new-to-me site. Stunning photos of the wildlife and Hull. Saw the poppies on the news the other day.

Katie said...

Wow lots of beautiful stitching in this post. I just love the Renato Parolin piece. So beautiful indeed. Congrats on your finishes. Your WIPs look fantastic too. Love the pics you took. I saw a Kingfisher once and I was very excited. They are beautiful. The city pics you got are gorgeous as well.

Julie said...

Stunning kingfisher pic, how wonderful to see one of those. I was watching your City of Culture on the TV the other day and saw the poppies, hoping to see them when they come close to us.
Lovely stitching, winter does look super.

Justine said...

I always feel inspired to stitch after reading your blog posts Sally! You have the most beautiful projects and such a wide variety of designs. And as usual I love everything you stitch!
I am planning to buy the other Cross-Eyed Cricket seasons if you would like to borrow them or have them after I'm done?
I've also had some Chromatic Alchemy fabric this year and it's gorgeous.

Christina said...

H Sally, I seem to have missed this update when you first posted. Just wanted to thank you again for introducing me to Peakside Needleworks. I love the charts you treated yourself too. I notice the Silvercreek releases are out of stock in most online shops I visit, so I guess they've been super popular. Hull is about an hour away from us and we love visiting the sea life centre.