Wednesday, 7 September 2016

A Birthday Gift and Other Stuff!

Well I have managed to make it back to my blog within a month of my last post! However my reason this time has been I wanted to finish the page I was stitching on Mini Jolly Old Fellow before I posted and at long last I have done it! I have even made a start on the next page!

I would early love to get this finished for Christmas but if I don't manage it I'm not going to get upset over it. I'll just see how things go. I managed to stitch this page in just over 2 months which these days is pretty good for me! I have one full page left to do and the rest are partials so wish me luck lol!

Back at the end of July it was lovely Julie's birthday but I have been awful with my gift stitching this year so I ended up sending her a belated birthday gift last week. I am very happy to say that she loved it and it cheered her up as she's recently had a fall. 

Lizzie*Kate Little Cups of Friendship from Tea Crazy

32 count fabric


Birthday gift for Julie.

I have done a little more finishing. I wanted to finish Welcome Spring in a different way to the usual simple finishing I've been doing of late so I asked the all knowing oracle Google to help me out and I came across a beautiful finish by Carin. I took myself off to the craft store, bought some fat quarters and set on trying to work out sizes and how to etc etc and ended up with this.

I am so happy with how this turned out! It's not perfect ( why can I never get that bottom straight!) but I just love it!

I also finished off these two ornaments which I'm happy with too. 

Typing of ornaments I am still trying to get my August ornament finished! The main bit is done but I have 3 snowflakes now.I think Barb has caught up and Chris is well on her to catching up too. I think I'm going to end up behind lol!

Barb and I are still stitching away on our sheep projects. I still don't have an actual sheep on mine as the snowman took more stitching than I expected! I do love how it's looking though. 

Season's Greetings is coming along nicely although I haven't stitched on it for a coupe of weeks or it would have been finished. It might be tonight if I behave and keep on stitching instead of reaching for my tab!

I am still desperately trying to get plenty done on my AotH piece. There is so much to stitch in this bonus block and it seems to be taking forever and of course I have the house to do yet! It is very pretty though and if I can finish this before the end of the year I will be very happy!

Finally I am making slow but sure on SK Dragons History. Another one I would love to finish by the end of the year but we'll see! 

On my last post I was saying I was struggling with the book Sourcery. Well I finally finished it! It did get better but it was oh so slow to begin with. Since then I've read The Gospel of Loki by Joanne Harris which was a brilliant read and started the next Discworld book Wyrd Sisters which I am already enjoying. I have so many books to read that it is getting silly! rather like my chart stash lol! 

That is all my news for now. I finally made myself sit and visit your blogs and comment which I really enjoyed doing. It was so nice to catch up with you all and I hope to do it again more often than I have been.

Until next time.

With much love,

Sally xxx


Tricia T said...

You are getting so much stitching done!! I love your HAEDs!!

Vickie said...

Wowie zowie you have created so many pieces Sally! You can do it with AotH!!

Carol said...

So many wonderful things, Sally--I saw your gift for Julie on her blog and can tell how much she loves it :) And that Santa progress--amazing!

Hope you get lots of stitching time in during September :)

Justine said...

You have so many beautiful things on the go as always! Your HAED charts are gorgeous especially Jolly Old Fellow which I just love. The sheep and cardinal WIPS are lovely too and I think AOTH is a definite finish by the end of the year!
Your finishing is perfect as always. I've admired Carin's ornaments in the past and I think you did a great job with your version of what looks like a very complicated pattern. Sometimes simple finishes are good too!
What a sweet gift you sent to Julie too. I love this chart and have admired your finish on her blog too.

Carin said...

You did an wonderful job on Welcome spring !! All your other stitching is beautiful, you did more than me because I haven't stitch for months now. Too busy with my crochet ;-)

butterfly said...

Wow Sally you have so many beautiful designs on the go.
Good luck with Santa, I can't put myself under pressure , so I just stitch all season things all year and if they get finished fine if not so be it, I feel much better in myself not being under a dead line.
Enjoy a good stitching week hugs.

gominam said...

Beautiful finishes and lovely progress on your WIPs, Santa looks awesome, and of course your friend must be so touched with the nice gift you sent her way👍

Von said...

Such a sweet gift for Julie! And so much progress on all those wips! Awesome!

Manuela said...

Wow, so many wonderful stitching. The update from Santa Claus looks great.
A nice little gift for Julie.
Happy Stitching, Manuela

Pull the other thread said...

I'm always in awe of how much progress you make Sally. All of your projects look amazing. I love your finishes and the Spring one looks wonderful. The purples are so pretty.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

You have been busy. What a beautiful selection of stitching. I love the colours and finish on your 'Welcome Spring'.

Mii Stitch said...

You have been busy with your needles!!
Congrats on the page finish on the Santa, he looks so jolly and fantastic, I hope you manage to finish it for Christmas.
Plenty more of sweet stitching and finishing as always!!! Keep up the good work ;)

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Ohh wow I'm seeing wonderful needle works
Many compliments for your progress

Penny said...

Always so many lovely things to see on your blog, Sally! Isn't Google great? : ) You've done some wonderful finishing! I'm partial to the snowmen and love that little Val's Stuff ornament - cute!

Kay said...

I always love seeing your finishes, they are so pretty. x

Brigitte said...

Oh my, Sally, you are working on such a lot of lovely projects, and there are some giant ones among them, too. Your needle must have been smoking - again, lol.
And you even have some wonderful finishes. Great job!

Christine said...

Such a lot of wonderful stitching and finishing. Great progress on Santa, good luck with getting him done for Christmas

Loubie69 said...

As always some lovely stitching Sally :-)

Barb said...

I can see that Jolly Old Fellow on your wall at Christmas Sally, you really do a great job on the HAED designs, I have just popped over to see if I can make this here machine leave you a comment. Just ordered this years Christmas ornament mag. Loving all your stitching but then it is never unloveable, see you on Sheepie Friday.

Julie said...

Love the welcome spring finish, well done on that one.
My lovely pillow is sitting on the mantelpiece so I can view it when sitting resting. many thanks xx

Heather said...


Your finishes are all so beautiful! I really love the teacup one! I really need to get back to blogging!
I am so glad that you are on Instagram again!