Saturday, 9 January 2016

Three Weeks Later!

Yep 3 weeks since my last blog post! How did that happen? Where did the last 3 weeks go?! I quite simply do not know. One minute it was a week before Christmas Day and next think I know we're a week into 2016!

We had a very quiet Christmas but we enjoyed it. It's just nice to relax and spend time as a family without them worrying about work. Abi has been finding work stressful and has been anxious and down about a few things which all stems from her losing little Meeko at the beginning of December.  I worry so much about her and wish I could just wave a magic wand. So having a few days with no work was nice for her and Jess had a week off which was even better!We spent time playing video games, colouring and playing Doctor Who Monopoly which was one of Jess' Christmas presents!  We all received some lovely gifts and I will show what I received from stitchy friends and some stash from my DH's auntie.

First of all Barb gave me this sweet fabric and beautiful trims.

Lisa gave me this gorgeous fabric which will come in very handy for my Christmas stitching this year.

Michelle gave me this lovely chart, kit, crocheted tree and candy cane. ( candy cane not in the photo!)

Finally June gave me this gorgeous ornament and felt snowflake.

Thank you so much ladies. I feel well and truly spoilt.

However that was not all as on Thursday I received a package from my dear friend Barb. She had sent me more gifts for my birthday. A beautiful sheep scarf, a scented sachet ( spot the snowman! ) and a sweet hand made by Barb sheep pincushion.  Thank you so much Barb. I have had my scarf on today :).

I feel so blessed to have such lovely friends.

This is the lovely kit that my DH gave to his auntie to wrap up for me for Christmas.  To be honest I had telephoned The Nimble Thimble, ordered it myself and given it to my DH when it arrived! I am looking forward to stitching this!

You may remember just a few weeks ago I was giving away the CCN cottages of the month and Judith won them. Imagine my surprise when I received a package from The Netherlands and these were inside!

A lovely thank you for the charts. Thank you so much Judith.

So what I have been up to stitching wise? Well, surprise,  surprise I didn't stitch for 3 days over Christmas.  I know it's amazing it?! It is so rarely heard of for me. Lol! I did manage to have 2 finishes before though.

The first one was this little beauty.

Little House Needleworks Be Merry

32 count fabric

DMC & Classic Colorworks

Of course it needs finishing up but I haven't had any enthusiasm for getting my sewing machine out.

This one needs finishing too! This is the December SAL I did with Chris.

Little House Needleworks The Florist

30 count Northern Cross linen


I'm already looking forward to our next December SAL! Not that I want the year to go fast as it goes fast enough!

I think my lovely Robin will be finished soon. Page 7 went very quickly so I have made a start on page 8 :). I am so looking forward to finishing this and getting it framed.

Of course New Year's Day is traditionally new start day and this one was no exception.  I decided on Country Cottage Needleworks Countdown to Christmas.  I'm using Classic Colorworks, GAST and DMC on 32 count natural Belfast linen that I bought from Harrogate when I was there.

Barb, Chris and I have started a new SAL this year and that is ornaments from the JCS ornament magazines. Chris has already finished hers! We choose whatever design we want. This is mine from the 2015 issue. Can you guess what it is?

I haven't managed to stitch on my Shepherd's Fold piece for a couple of weeks but I have made up for it by stitching on it 2 evenings this week. It is looking so pretty. Oooh typing of the Shepherd's Fold I haven't shown the box! As you already know I could not justify spending $150, or whatever it is in £s, for the Shaker box so I bought a paper mache one. Well I finally plucked up the courage to cover it and finish it. It is far from perfect but I am quite happy with it. I have the finished fob in it, as you can see, with some shiny new scissors ( shhhh don't tell Abi as she says I can't have anymore! ).

I am going to be making some changes this year and one of those is that I am going to have to cut right back on sending birthday gifts to stitching friends. I said this last year then found it hard to stop but this year I am definitely going to have to. I will still be sending one or two, just not as many. I do feel bad but postage is getting silly. So please don't think any less of me. Of course the other thing concerns my stashing! I've been doing a lot of thinking and came to the conclusion that buying charts then getting them through the post makes me feel better, gives me something to look forward to but then I feel guilty and it makes me feel bad when I already have enough. So this year I am going to try much harder to stop doing this. I have so many beautiful charts in my stash and I could probably not buy for a couple years if I could just put my mind to it and stop this mindset of getting stash to make me happy and feel better. It sounds so very sad and silly doesn't it? There are a few charts I'd like to buy through the year so I'm going to allow myself one for every 10 finishes and that is that! 

Now no first blog post of the new year can go without a review of the previous year's stitching! Lol! Last year I had 66 finishes which I am very pleased with. I took part in SALs with Barb, Lisa and Chris and those will continue this year. Barb and I are doing a sheep SAL as well as the ornament one. Chris is joining us with the ornaments and we'll be doing our usual December SAL :). Lisa and I will be continuing our HAED SAL. I have not made up my mind what I'll be stitching once the Robin is finished but it will be one of my HAED UFOs :). So here's to a stitch filled 2016!

That is all from me for now. I'm not going to promise to blog more often because I just don't seem to do it but we'll see! Lol!

Until next time.

With much love,

Sally xxx


Vickie said...

Oh Sally! You are getting quite close on the Robin now. What splendid gifts you received! Your SB finish is wonderful. I know exactly the JCS ornament you are stitching up. That is the same one I am making Brian. ;) I know precisely how you feel about the postage.

butterfly said...

Just found your blog post I must have missed it over the new year well HAPPY NEW YEAR Sally.
I was not going to buy any more charts this year but the very next day I brought 6 from the sale naughty me . I will never stitch them all , my time is running out I wish I could live another lifetime but my DH and I keep adding on the years , can't believe how we got this age , anyway I don't care and I am just going to have a fun year .
Love all your goodies and wonderful stitching , Robin will be hanging on your wall next Christmas he is beautiful hugs .

hookedonstitches said...

I feel your pain over the postage, add to that a lousy Canadian $ that is sinking faster than the Titanic and it makes everything so expensive :( I love all your gifts and the box that you covered looks perfect to me! I can't wait to see your HAED Robin finished, you are so close.

WendyCarole said...

Beautifull stitching and lovely gifts especially the fabric :). You are right about the postage it is making it far to expensive to participate in exchanges.

Sending my love to Abi. xxx

Happy New year to you and your family

Carol said...

It's hard to post over the holidays, Sally, but I thoroughly enjoyed your catch-up post! Lovely stitching and gifts... I am holding my breath to see that Robin all finished up :)

Wishing you a lovely New Year with your dear family!

Andrea said...

I can't wait for you to finish that Robin! I'm so excited for you. :) Great finishes. Looking forward to all of your SALs. I have the DT chart too, are you thinking of stitching the pocket & fob or the sampler? It's the sampler for me I think.
Postage really does put the dampeners on sending items out. I love Christmas-time so I only send items at Christmas.

Justine said...

Ooh Robin is so close to a finish! Your SB box looks so pretty. You did a great job of finishing it.
I feel exactly the same way about stash. What helped me was setting up a stash page on my blog with pictures of all the lovely charts I already own. When I felt the urge to shop, I would "shop" my own stash page and decide what to start next.

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

No matter what your goals are you will do them with verve and finesse :) I love your CCN girl finish and your Shepherd's Bush Fold looks spectacular! All your sweet friends getting you those wonderful things to add to your stash!
I adore time spent with my family and I know you do too Sally! I'm glad you had a good holidays with your girls and DH!
Hugs and much love to you!

Le trame della Galaverna said...

I saw fantastic projects.
Box is absolutely wonderful. Wow

Mary Ann said...

Lovely gifts and lovely stitching!! I have my "Happy Dancing" shoes ready to go when your Robin is a finish! : )

And, I do understand about the mood-boosting stash buying. I deal with the same issue.

Cindy's Stitching said...

Beautiful gifts sally. happy new year.

gominam said...

Love all the Christmas goodies you received. Lovely stitching as always. Looking forward to seeing more of these beauties in 2016:) Happy Stitching!

Margaret said...

Wow - lovely presents and some super stitching. Your robin is looking great. I know exactly what you mean about postage. It is obscenely expensive from New Zealand and I rarely post anything bigger than an envelope nowadays. Best wishes to Abi.

Brigitte said...

What a great catch-up post this is. You have received some wonderful gifts from your friends. And this Drawn Thread chart is just gorgeous. I love your finishes and wow, what a great start for the new year. I'm looking forward to seeing which designs you choose from the JCS ornament issues for your SAL.
Postage has also increased over here and sending something becomes more and more expensive. I had the intention to give away the charts of the projects that I have already stitched but with then increase of postage I am rethinking it. I would really like for them to find a new home but there are so many that sending them out would cost me a fortune.
Good luck with your stitch from stash.

Christine said...

Lovely gifts Sally, and beautiful stitching. Your robin will be finished in no time

Miamina said...

Happy New Year!

You got some lovely little gifts from for Christmas! I love the Shepard's Fold box, I think you did really well covering it! It's a beautiful box :)

I can't believe how close you are to a finish on the robin!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Lovely gifts and finishes. I think you made a good job of covering your box.

Emma/Itzy said...

Great post and lots of wonderful stitching - here's to a great 2016! :)

Maggee said...

I really love the Robin! What a great post, filled with so many beautiful presents, finishes, and plans for this year! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

cucki said...

Beautiful gifts my dear and I love the sheepie so much xx

Julie said...

your SB box is fabulous Sally, what a wonderful finish that turned into.

Lots of lovely gifts you received.

Doesn't Mr Robin look wonderful, he'll be hanging on your wall before the spring is here.

Might we see Guardian out again?

Happy new year to you all

Kay said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. Your stitching always looks amazing and the box finish is just lovely. I too buy thing stop make myself feel happy, although I am getting better at not buying too much because of all the costs involved. I tend to buy more when I go to Harrogate but at least it is only once a year. x

CraftyGurl said...

I have been posting sporadically these days, I hope to change that in 2016.

My goal this year is to finish my 4UFOS and stitch from my existing stash which is quit easy until something spectacular comes out HAHA It's a viscous circle.

Your Shepard's Bush piece looks lovely.

Wishing you a very wonderful week ((HUGS))

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely goodies, stitching & finishing! The box is a real delight!!!

Carolyn said...

What lovely gifts. Your finishes are gorgeous. Your Robin is almost finished and I can't wait to see it framed. You have some great looking WIP's. Your box is beautifully done. Congratulations on all your finishes. I can't wait to see what you will be stitching up this year. Have a wonderful week!

Clare said...

Your box is lovely. I am still working on some of mt stitching for this project plus the right fabrics for me to make my idea of finishing. :) I have the Drawn Thread pattern `The Pastoral` and have made a start,so a few of those patterns will be stitched by me this year. :) Happy Stitching.

Mylene said...

Robin Looks beautiful and WOW the box turned out lovely and so neatly finished!

All the best for 2016!

Penny said...

Wonderful post, Sally! So close to a finish on that gorgeous Robin ~ I can't wait!