Friday, 30 October 2015

Clara Ellen is Done!

Yay! Lol! This week I finished Blackbird Designs Clara Ellen from Anniversaries of the Heart :) I don't know why I struggled so much with this one. Maybe the colours but anyway it is now done and I can now move on to Evergreen Lane!

Blackbird Designs Anniversaries of the Heart Clara Ellen

36 count Rosewood linen


This block is for Jess. I did have to leave off a bird to get her name in and then I added a heart motif as I had a big gap. I didn't add an initial to the basket and the initial on the right side had to be done over one to fit it in lol!

I don't have much to show this week as I've been stitching on an ornament for one of my private exchanges then I've stitched two nights on my November Cottage to get it finished. 

Country Cottage Needleworks November Cottage

32 count Natural opalescent linen.


Just one more to go now and I am so excited to get these finished :) Of course it's the December one and December is my favourite season of the year. I do love Winter / Christmas stitching and had loads of charts sorted to do through this year but it did not happen! 

Final piece I have to show if, of course, my lovely Robin. Now that I'm stitching on him two evenings a week I'm getting a good bit more done. I have just joined a challenge on the new HAED group on Facebook to stitch at least 100 stitches a week over 4 weeks which I'm sure I can do easily! 

Typing of Facebook Gaynor from Stitchers Anon has set up a new group for her designs and she had a giveaway for a £20 gift voucher for her shop and I was one of 3 very lucky winners :) I bought the 4 primitive heart ornaments as well as Season of Joy featuring the very cute Holmsey and Fergus and I sent an RAK of that one to Barb which I am hoping she likes and hasn't already got! Lol! 

More Facebook and the HAED group. HAED had sale on last week and I was sent an RAK by someone called A Cross Stitch Addict of Faces of Faery 193. It is just so beautiful and a piece of artwork I have loved since I first saw it. I am so greatful to whoever you are :) I don't know when I'll get around to stitching her though but I'd love to start her!

Before I forget the winner of the Potted Poinsetta chart is .................... Christine! Christine as I have your address it is already on the way to you. Enjoy!

Following on from SFS post and me saying no charts next year I am going to need some serious help in achieving this. I am thinking if I say no charts at all I am probably going to break it so I've thought about saying I can treat myself to one new chart if there is something I really want when I've had so many finishes. I'm thinking 10 finishes. What do you think? Too few? Too many? I just get more and more ashamed of myself when I see what I have and my To Stitch From list does not include my HAEDs but I see new stuff that really calls to me! I do keep telling myself that I don't drink or smoke or go out much but it' just gets too silly! 

Speaking of new stuff my final Shepherd's Fold piece arrived on Wednesday. Oh wow what a beautiful kit it is! It is a ruler pocket and it includes a gorgeous wooden ruler. I can't wait to get to stitching but I have do the others first. I didn't get to stitch on the fob this week as I wanted to get the November Cottage finished.

Tonight it's CCN ornament night with Barb and we're stitching on Merry Merry. Maybe a finish, maybe not lol! 

I had a great time catching up on blogs and seeing what you have all been up to. Of course I get enabled too! Lol!

That's all for this time. Have a great weekend everyone. Abi and I are going to a book signing tomorrow. We're looking forward to it. C L Coffey will be signing her new book Angel Eclipsed. Abi and I have the first book, Angel in Training, so we have to get the second one! 

Until next time.

With much love.

Sally xxx


Vickie said...

Jess' house looks great! You must be drawing closer to a finish on AotH also!
The Robin for your dear father is looking so very good Sally!
I think you are just going to have to be very firm with yourself Sally. We are broke around here. ;) THAT is what keeps me from buying hardly EVER.

Maggee said...

Wow! You have more finishes!! Great! See what you can do when you set your mind to it! Plus great progress on those WIPs. I think you should say you can buy a small chart if you finish X number and you can buy a larger chart if you finish X number. That way, it is a replenishment! Hugs!

butterfly said...

Lovely post again Sally love the Robin, I have two in the garden one lives in my back hedge and the other one lives next door but is always on my table they are so tame but don't like their picture taken .
Love what you stitched for Jess.
I am trying to cut down too, only allowing about £10-£15 per month but that has to be for any charts threads and materials .
I have to stop looking at the online shop's . This way maybe I will use some of my stash up.
Have a good week.

Pull the other thread said...

Fantastic finishes and great stitching on your robin.The reward system sounds like it might be a good way to keep you on track with reducing your stash acquisition. The number of projects you have to finish will really depend on how big the projects are.

Brigitte said...

Great to see two new finishes here, Sally. And both are so beautiful. You remind me of my own Anniversaries, I think I will pull them out and include one of them into my November stitching. And very nice progress on that lovely Robin.
Your plans for next year sound really good. Going totally without new charts is nearly not possible, lol, and we should also support the designers, shouldn't we? :))) Since two years I have mainly stitched from my stash but every now and then I saw something that had to be with me. And I will be doing the same next year.

Kay said...

I try not to buy to much because I already have so many in my stash, but I occasionally treat myself when I see a bargain or something I just can't live without. It i like being on a food diet, you need the occasional treat every now and again as a reward and just to save your sanity. x

Carol said...

Love your two newest finishes, Sally! Jess must be honored with how lovely her block turned out :)

I at least think you should allow yourself a new chart for each season? Perhaps that would work!

gominam said...

Always a delight to see your neat finishes:)

Christine said...

Lovely finishes Sally, and the robin is looking fabulous.
Thank you for my Poinsettia chart.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful finishes

Margaret said...

Love Clara Ellen -- so pretty! Great stitching as always!

Irene said...

i tuoi ricami sono sempre meravigliosi :)

Mii Stitch said...

Congrats on your latest finishes!
Cannot wait to see your finished secret stitching too ;)

Justine said...

Congratulations on your two gorgeous finishes! I checked your list of 2015 finishes and was shocked to see so many. Great work!
I love seeing Robin updates. He looks wonderful and I'm sure you can achieve your target now he's getting a bit more attention.
I'm not very good at denying myself things but when I want something new I always think of the charts I already have in my stash that I really love, particularly those that were gifted to me. If I buy something new then that's less time to spend on what I have already! I also uninstalled various apps from my tablet - you know which ones! Hope this helps.

Andrea said...

Wonderful finishes. Clara Ellen is lovely. You have to have a treat now and again.