Wednesday, 22 April 2015

April Stitch From Stash

Oh dear I have been a bad girl this month! Hanging head in utter shame!

April Report

Carried Fwd from March : £79.09

Amount Spent : £25.25

Earned : £8.00 ( for CCN Frosty Forest )

Balance to carry over to May : £86.84

At least I am still doing OK and hopefully April will have just been a wee glitch although I still have the Shepherd's Fold to come yet and the first part of that is the most expensive.  Oh well I should be OK! Lol.

So what have you buying I hear you ask?! Well I really really wanted the Little House Needleworks Welcome Spring chart that comes with the 3 new Classic Colorworks threads. Of course I couldn't find anywhere in the UK that had it so I decided to do an order from the USA. I haven't ordered for a while due to increased postage costs, I ordered from Down Sunshine Lane  in the end and these arrived last week. I also had my auto from Patchwork Rabbit and even though the chart does not count the threads and fabric do and I have also paid an invoice for the next 2 Lizzie Kate 3 Little  Words charts. Certify me now please!

I have had another little finish this week. As you know Barb and I do a Halloween SAL on a Monday evening and last week I started Val's Stuff Scaredy Cats and here it is now finished! I haven't counted this towards my earnings as I'm not sure if magazine designs  count.

Val's Stuff Scaredy Cats

Unknown fabric


Onto my progress now. I am hoping for a page finish on my robin by the end of May. I can see I am making progress but I can't see it being finished when I would like it to be. Once my garden journal pieces are finished I am planning on stitching 2 evenings on my robin just to try and make  it happen. There have been a lot of colour changes on this page so it has slowed me up a lot so fingers crossed the next page will go quicker!

My second SAL of the week with Barb is the Shepherd's Bush one and I have to say I am loving being back to stitching their lovely designs . This is where I am at on My Mom's Garden.

Our third SAL is, of course,  the classic Christmas ornaments and Christmas Cookies. We are both going to be finished on this one this week so look out for new starts on the next one next week :).

Good progress was made on October's Marigold. I just love the orange and black combination on this one.

Final one I can show is the May cottage . I seem to going so slow on this one and it needs to be finished very soon! April is going by too quickly!

Abi came home from work one day last week feeling a little down and after tea wanted to go for a walk so off we went. I had my camera with me and guess what I took photos of lol!

 These little sweeties were looking for their mamas.
This sparrow was hiding in the hedge but making lots of noise!

That's it from me for this time. Thank you for continuing to visit me :)

Until next time.

Take care everyone.

With much love

Sally xxx


Vickie said...

Oh Sally, you always have so many projects going, you make me dizzy! I am surprised you stay organized. :) My Mom's Garden continues to grow in beauty. What great photos you have taken.

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

What a sweet Welcome Spring chart! I hadn't seen that one! Great stitching and not too bad on the spending - you still have a nice buffer. : )

Gillie said... comment, lol! Goes off chuckling..!

angelasweby said...

Sally, what a lovely post. The photos of the sweet little lambs and the beautiful sunset are a real treat. There are lambs dotted in the fields around us here too.
I've really enjoyed looking at your progress on your various SAL's. Scaredy Cats is a lovely fun little design and I really like the way My Mom's Garden is coming along. It's gorgeous fabric. Is it 40ct? I love the colour. I also love the orange and black too on October Marigold.
You seem to have balanced your books again this month. I do like what you have been spending your money on :-)

gominam said...

Great choices/purchase. I see you've been busy, love the cats finish. The robin is coming along nicely. Beautiful stitches as always;)

Marexstitch said...

Cute finishes, lovely stitching and good progress on your wips. Love the nature pics enjoy the new stash!

Jackie said...

You didn't do badly at all this month Sally with your SFS goals! I'm glad you found a shop to get you what you needed without having to pay an arm and a leg for shipping!

As always, you're working on lovely projects!

Margaret said...

I think you are doing great with your stitch from stash. Everyone deserves to buy something once in a while. :D Love all your stitching. Love the pics of the lambs! So cute!

Christine said...

Tsk tsk tsk Sally, you bad girl :D
Great new stash though. All your WIPs are looking great too, I especially like the Shepherds Bush one.
Gorgeous spring photos too, those lambs are so sweet

butterfly said...

Wonderful post again, I wish I could find more time seem to be so busy this month .
Love your new charts , there is always something new we just have to buy and thats good for all hugs.

Jane said...

If that's bad Sally then I dread to think what I'd be!!! You still have pennies in the bank and that's the main thing and how could you resist, you've purchased some lovely items!

Ahh 'Down Sunshine Lane' brings back memories ~ they used to have a lovely shop before they just went on-line only. The ladies who ran it were so friendly and they had a big map of the world on one of the walls and anyone international who visited placed a pin in the country they were from ~ that was lot of pins over the years with my 3 kids!

Beautiful stitching and lovely progress, c'mon Mr.Robin you can do it ~ only 8 months 'til Christmas.

Have a good week x

Julie said...

Never mind, you can redeem yourself next month!
Great pics of your evening walk.
The SB design is looking lovely. I saw Barb had won the welcome spring in a giveaway lol.

Mii Stitch said...

LOL!! I also had to order my copy of Welcome Spring via USA because couldn't find it anywhere in UK :)
Really want to start stitching it but now waiting for my first qsnap frames (also from the USA) to be delivered to start it!! Hope Mr Postman is going to hurry!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sally the jump in postage rates affected us in Canada as well. Often myself and two other friends will combine orders just to spread the pain out a little more!

Your robin is looking great!

Lots of wonderful finishes this post!

Mylene said...

Lovely new stash and WIP's are coming along beautifully!
Great pictures of your walk. Do miss my morning walks due to my sprained ankle, might be a while before going out for long walks.

Pull the other thread said...

Love the new stash, you still did so well on sticking to budget. Love all your stitching!

Mrs Milkybar Kid said...

I know I say it every time Sally, but your stitching really IS beautiful! So much variety and I love your Shepherd's Bush piece. You still have pennies left in your SFS and what you spent your budget on would have been hard to resist!

Miamina said...

I always enjoy reading your posts as they are full of lovely stitching :) The lovely little lambs are a great sign of spring too :)

Nice new additions to stash without going too overboard. Well done :)

Maggee said...

I had NO idea Down Sunshine Lane was only an online shop now... wow! You really didn't do too much damages... All your WIPs are looking great. The Robin fascinates me... it is going to be so fantastic! Hugs!

Justine said...

Beautiful new stash and stitching going on! I love the Welcome Spring one and have also been very tempted by the Shepherds Fold but I must stay strong!
I'm sure you can finish your Robin, you've been making such good progress recently.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Lovely new purchases. You've done plenty of stitching. I love the photos from your walk.

Angela P said...

Great report, great new stash and lovely pics!

Andrea said...

Lovely new stash and still money in the bank. Some lovely WIPs and finishes.

Carol said...

What a lovely post, Sally filled with your beautiful stitching AND photos. The little lambs are so sweet :)

Hope spring is brightening up your world--it is still very chilly here!

Brigitte said...

You have made some great progress on your SAL pieces. It's always so very motivating to stitch together with other, even if it's only through the internet. I have always loved that. Nice progress on your Robin too. This project becomes more and more interesting.

Well done on the SFS challenge. You have earned so much virtual money that a little purchase was just right.

Barb said...

Okay Sally this has to stop, this wavelength we are both on has to waver sometime surely lol. I did win the threads and chart on Carins blog, I am also awaiting the florist and Christmas rose , so you see same wavelength.. Oh Ido like that Orange and black garden one , very Halloweeny,Awww such sweet little lambs and such a lovely post.
Hugs x

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow Sally!I don't know how you keep all those SALs straight! You make fantastic progress each blog entry. I'm enjoying your HEAD that's for sure!

Michelle said...

Lovely photos and well done with your budget xx

Annette-California said...

All your projects are so lovely Sally and great progress on your Robin. Scaredy Cats is so cute.
Pretty photos from your walk.
love Annette

Esmeralda said...

Great post !
Well done on your sfs
The Robin is coming slowly to the end :)
Love allso your halloween ones
Beautiful pics such a beautiful sunset

Heather said...

Sally, you are doing so well with sfs ! Your stitching is lovely! Such lovely pictures !