Wednesday, 25 March 2015

March Stitch From Stash

Stitch from Stash reporting has soon come round again and this month has been a good one. So here's my report then I'll show my finishes and WIPs :).

March Report

Balance carried forward from February : £30.73.

Spent in March : £8.64 ( fabric and hand dyed threads for ornament auto )

Earned: £32. Yes you did read that right! ( for finishing April Cottage, September's Morning Glory, Snowy Reindeer and Spring Witch )

Balance to carry forward £79.09

Wow! I am really pleased with that.

Onto my finishes now. I can't show Spring Witch as yet. We are only able to show our finishes on the Needlecraft Haven Four Seasons SAL section until after reveal day so I'll be able to show it next week. This counts towards to my pennies earned as it's a freebie.

Next finish is this one. This also counts towards pennies earned.  Love how this one has turned out.

Cottage Garden Samplings September's Morning Glory

40 count pearl grey linen


The next one in the series, October's Marigold,  was started :)

I've already shown Snowy Reindeer, which counts to my pennies earned, so this one is my final finish which also counts.  I can now count these as I've had them in my stash over six months.

Country Cottage Needleworks April Cottage

32 count natural opalescent linen


Must get this ready to hang over the next week seen as it's the 1st April a week today!  Where is the time going?

I do have another finish which is one of my SALs with my dear friend Barb. I have to say I am enjoying these.

Country Cottage Needleworks Snow Love

32 count Petit Point Linen

Classic Colorworks and GAST

I don't think next month will be as good with finishes although you never know!

Frosty Forest has been a bit of a disaster as I had a visit from the frog. Please tell him to stay away from me in future!  Just about every stitch I put in last Wednesday had to be taken out so I was not happy! So Thursday instead of picking up my SB fob I unpicked it all and started to restitch it. I almost got it all restitched. Fingers crossed I can stitch on it this evening without messing up! Once this is finished I'll be moving my cottages to Wednesdays and doing something different on Tuesdays. I haven't decided what I'm picking up next.

I added a few more stitches to Perched on a Pumpkin. Barb is stitching Halloween Cubes by The Primitive Hare.

Final WIP is, of course,my lovely robin. Just 10 more months to finish it! I think I might be pushing it a little!

I have done something very naughty.  Yes again! Ever since Shepherd's Bush released the Shepherd's Fold last year I've been debating whether to sign up for it or not. I love each piece that has been released but when I saw the needle case that swung it for me. I contacted Fobbles asking if I signed up wou, d it be possible to have one a month until I catch up rather than have all 4 at once and they said yes! So I've gone and done it. I won't,  however, be buying the wooden Shaker box as it's way too much for me. It is lovely but I'm afraid I'm going to have to find a cheaper alternative.  Beverley at Fobbles has put the order in so I don't know when I'll get my first one. So it's a good job I have a good balance on Stitch from Stash! I had better keep it that way!

I am also still knitting away and thought it was time I showed my progress on my Arsenic and Old Lace afghan. All the strips are finished and I'm steadily getting the first insert done. Two more inserts and then the border! Help!

It has been a sad time for our family of late. My Auntie Joan (my Mum's brothers wife ) passed away on 20th February and my Auntie Mary ( my Dad's sister ) passed away on 21st March.  She was my Dad's last remaining sibling and I feel as though I have lost part of him. She was a lovely lady as was my Auntie Joan and I spent a lot of time with them when I was a child. I hope that this is not going to carry on through the year.

That's it from me for now.  I am so sorry that I haven't visited your blogs yet again. I'm getting very bad at this but I will be there soon.

Take care everyone.

With much love

Sally xxx


Barbi said...

My goodness! Such wonderful finishes! Looking forward to seeing your Spring Witch as well. So sorry about your Auntie. She sounds like a wonderful woman.

Vickie said...

Oh how busy you have been. That afghan is wonderful!

Justine said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your two lovely aunts, and thinking of you.
Goodness me you have stitched lots again! I love September's Morning Glory and October's looks just as good. You will get there with the HAED in the end, just keep chipping away at it.

Margaret said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Aunties. It's so hard to lose someone. Love your finishes! Love your WIPs too.

Esmeralda said...

Wow you done a lot of stitching :)
What a lovely projects
Allso well done on your budget
Wish you and your family all the best

Linda said...

You always amaze me at how much stitching you get done each week. Congrats on all of the gorgeous finishes. I love your afghan.
Sorry for the loss of your Aunt's.


Southpaw Stitcher said...

Your finishes are lovely, Sally. Good job earning so much money for them to apply to your Stitch from Stash balance! I didn't join this year because I'm taking too many workshops (again). So sorry to hear about the loss of your aunts.

Angela P said...

Great report, great job "earning" so much money back through the finishes!

Clare - Aimetu said...

Beautiful work, gorgeous projects.

Well done on your budget too :-)

cucki said...

Sorry for the loss of your aunt..
Beautiful stitching projects xxx

Brigitte said...

Wow, you have been very busy as usual. Great finishes this month and a lot of pennies earned in the challenge for them. I also love to see the progress you made on your robin.

Christine said...

Great stitching and knitting Sally, I love the morning glory one.
Sorry to hear about your aunts

Daniela Bencúrová said...

Good progress for March, congratulations!

Jacquie Morris said...

Firstly I am sorry for your loss, it's hard when you lose someone...

Your stitching, all of AWESOME!! Goodness you have done a lot!! And finished a few too! The monthly series you are doing is beautiful. Oh and I have to say your owl your stitching is adorable!
Oooh knitting, now this is interesting.... Cannot wait to see what this looks like finished.
Have a lovely day :)
Smiles :)

CraftyGurl said...

Beautiful stitching, love the blue morning glories!!

I am sorry to hear of the passing of family members. ((HUGS)) to you all.

Wishing you a joyfull weekend

Mii Stitch said...

Wow, you have been so busy!!
Wonderful finishes and updates :) Congrats x

Sheryl S. said...

Sorry to hear of your loss, hate this time of year. Lots of pretty stitching, don't know how you do so much.

Mary Ann said...

WOW! You certainly have been a busy stitcher, Sally! Lovely finishes, and wonderful progress on your WIP's!!

Andrea said...

All are wonderful finishes. If you have the money in your SfS than why not!
Sorry to hear of your losses.

butterfly said...

Wonderful stitching again Sally, you really do stitch fast .
Sorry about your sad loss this time of the year is always a bad time for losing loved ones.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Lovely stitching. Sorry to read about the loss of your aunts

Pam in IL said...

So sorry for you and your family in the loss of two loved aunts.

Good job on the SFS and great stitching!

Mrs Milkybar Kid said...

Fantastic result on your budget! Love all your stitching so much, especially your Cottage Garden Samplings pieces, so vibrant!

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear about your loss Sally - sending you a hug. Beautiful stitching as always - you stitch so fast xx

Carol said...

I'm so sorry to read about your aunts, Sally... It is very hard to watch our older relatives pass away one by one.

Lovely finishes--the Cottage Gardens piece is so sweet and I do love that Snow Love piece on the dotted fabric so much!

I know nothing about knitting (wish I did), but your afghan is going to be stunning--such a soft color of yarn.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

StitchinByTheLake said...

So many beautiful finishes - each one is a delight! blessings, marlene

Frances N said...

I am behind in blog reading, but I stopped in and am so pleased to see all your beautiful stitching! The Morning Glory piece is so very pretty!! And I'm loving your sweet owl and pumpkin! I just bought some of the dotted linen because I've seen it on blogs! It's so cute for Christmas things! All of your stitching pieces are wonderful!
I am sorry to hear of the losses of your aunts--it's really sad to lose beloved older family members.

Annette-California said...

Beautiful finishes! Snow love with the dotted linen, morning glory are so pretty. Frosty friends is amazing. Love all your stitching. So sorry for your loss. It is hard to watch our older ones pass away. Prayers for you. love Annette

Julie said...

Sorry to read you family has suffered two losses recently.
What a boost to your SFS budget this month, well done.
Super stitching!

Annette-California said...

So sorry for your loss. Aunties are so special! Lovely knitting and stitching. Congrats on your beautiful finishes. love Annette

Miamina said... have some stunning finishes, the stitching is just lovely! You've made great progress on the others too.

The boost to your SFS budget is also very handy too!

Jane said...

Lovely stitching and finishing Sally ~ you've been very very busy again!
I know you love Shepherd's Bush so it's nice to have signed up for their new release and nice to treat yourself once in a while especially as you've done so well on your SFS.
It's hard to lose family members and like me losing 2 in such a short space of time is even worse, I hope you have lots of happy memories of them both and can remember special times together xxx

gominam said...

Wow, you've done a lot of stitching! Lovely finishes and WIPs:)

Mylene said...

Such lovely lovely finishes, Sally!
So sorry to hear about your Aunt.

Dani - tkdchick said...

So sorry to hear you've had a frog infestation!

You do have some lovely finishes as usual!

Lois said...

What a good month you had in March for your Stitch from Stash! Lovely finishes and WIP's and it's great that you've been able to sign up for the SB Fold.

Sorry to hear that you've had sadness in your family with the loss of two aunts.

Take care, Sally.