Thursday, 16 October 2014

A Little Wicked Stitching!

Hello everyone. First of all I'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone who commented last time and for all your good wishes for my back. Thankfully it is much easier now and I'm managing to move about much better now. I just have to be careful how I bend etc as I'm so scared it will happen again. It's just feeling a little fragile and I can well do without the hassle of not being able to do things!

This week Barb and I started a new SAL. You may remember me mentioning we had decided to do a Halloween SAL over the next year and Barb just happened to mention she'd ordered some things from Creative Poppy so that she had plenty of Halloween bits to stitch! I had been looking at something to stitch for one of my private Christmas ornament exchanges and, after Barb had mentioned it, Barbara Ana Designs Wicked Since just happened to fall into my basket and with the instant gratification of a download it was on my PC and printed in no time! So here's my start.

I am stitching it on Colour Cascade Fabrics Silver Springs using the suggested threads.

Barb and I are also SAling on Christmas ornaments for exchanges starting this evening but, of course, I won't be showing those until later in the year!

My other SAL with Barb is coming along well and she is trying to get caught up after her few false starts. Thankfully it has been third time lucky for her :) So here's where I'm at on Tricotine. Look I have a sheep!

No stitching on HAED Mini Jolly Old Fellow this week as Gill and I aren't having a crafting morning this week. Hopefully we'll be back to it next week. I have, however, been SALing with my surrogate sis, Lisa, as usual on our  HAEDs. Here's my progress on QS Spirit of Winter. I seemed to do really well on this on Saturday.

I didn't manage to get Garden Bliss finished this week but I think it should be done either next week or the week after. Then I'm starting the CCN monthly cottages :)

The roof is finally on Bluebird Cabin which is a good job as look there is more snow!

Final bit of stitching is from Sunday evening and on July's Delphinium :) I was going to start putting my finished ones in the book I bought to mount them in but I decided to wait until I've finished them all.

Towards the end of September I entered a competition with DMC for the chance to win £50 worth of DMC threads. I could not believe when , on Monday, I received an email telling me I was the lucky winner! Today postie brought me an envelope packed with 53 DMC threads! Yay for me! They will keep me going for a long time! 

More good news! I think Monday was a good day. My DH and I noticed that the card shop on the retail site where Abi works was advertising for temporary staff so I got an application form for Jess. She took it in just before 1 pm on Monday, by 2 pm they were ringing her to go for an interview and by 3.20 pm she was ringing me to tell me she'd got a job! Like I say it is only temporary but at least it'll give her some experience. She has no idea what her hours will be as it's a zero hours contract ( which I don't like but a job is a job and she can still look for something more permanent ) but she starts early November with an induction and she's also in the following day. Abi is still loving her job and getting on really well.

That's all my news for now. I'll be back Monday, hopefully, as I'm taking part in the around the world blog hop. 

Take care everyone.

Until next time.

With much love.

Sally xxx


Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Beautiful stitching, Sally! I'm glad your back is feeling better and that Jess found a job! Maybe they will like her work so much that they will keep her on longer.
: )

butterfly said...

Such wonderful stitching Sally, love all the SALs .
Hope your back pain stays away .
Great news Jess found a job. Big hugs .

Brenda A said...

Looks awesome! Congrats on Jess finding a job! :D

Miamina said...

lovely always!

Well done on the DMC win, that will help keep you from stash shopping for a little while :)

Good news about the job, I hope she enjoys it x

Kay said...

Well done to Jess. I have a daughter looking for work at the moment and it is not much fun for anyone. x

Vickie said...

Good for Jess! Good for you, feeling better!
How awesome to win all those threads! Cool.

Sheryl S. said...

Lovely stitching, I love the little cats and the robin is beautiful. Good news about the job.

Linda said...

Wonderful progress and stitching Sally. It always amazes me at how much you get done each week.


Christine said...

Those two little black cats are adorable! Great progress on all your WIPs too.
Glad your back is feeling better and congratulations to Jess on her new job

cucki said...

Sweet stitching my dear and
looks so lovely..
Congrats on Jess finding a job..xx

Belinda said...

Lovely stitching Sally! Looking forward to seeing more of the Halloween one.
Well done you for winning the DMC threads!! How exciting. :)

Mii Stitch said...

Great progress on your projects and glad you're feeling better.
I guess the card shop is getting ready for the Xmas season. It's fantastic for Jess, she will get much needed experience while she looks for something else :)

Pam in IL said...

Congrats on winning the DMC floss! You make great progress on all your pieces and they all look great!!

Julie said...

Great news Jess found a job!
Lovely stitching as always.

Heather said...

Your two little black kitties are adorable! You are making great progress on your projects! Your stitching is lovely as ever! Yeah for Jess! I am happy for your girls! Hopefully they will get plenty of hours!
Way to go on winning the contest! That is really exciting!

Angela P said...

Glad to hear your back is feeling a bit better. Congrats to your Daughter on finding a job and as usual I am enjoying watching your progress on all of your SAL's :)

Jackie said...

Congrats to Jess! It will be good experience and with the holidays coming the shop will probably be busy.

Maggee said...

All of your SALs are progressing nicely! You are a very busy stitcher! Congrats to Jess--it might turn out good, like Abi (who is still working...) Hugs!

Andrea said...

Beautiful stitching Sally. Well done to Jess, you never know once you have a foot in the door may lead to bigger and better things.

Brigitte said...

Your progress on your projects is wonderful as always. And I'm very curiopus to see more about your new start.

Good to read that your back has improved and is givving you no more pain. But be careful and take it easy for a while.

Great news about your girls. Even a temporary job is a job, and it sometimes opens some new doors. Good luck to Jess.