Sunday, 15 June 2014

Birthday Stitching

Two of my lovely friends have had birthdays this month so I was busy stitching wee gifts for them. I always find it so difficult to know what to stitch but this time for my friend Gill's birthday I had the perfect chart in my stash. In fact it had been in my stash for several years, a gift from Karan, so I'm very pleased that I have finally got around to stitching it. Gill loves it and says I couldn't have stitched anything better for her.

JBW  Designs To The Beach

Unknown fabric but possibly vintage country cream


Birthday gift for Gill

Next birthday gift was for lovely June and I chose to stitch this one. June loves it so I'm very happy.

La D Da Tis Better

Leftover scrap of unknown fabric


Birthday gift for June

My dear friend and SAL partner Barb is not too well at the moment so our Friday SAL of the 12 Days of Christmas is on hold for now as I don't want to carry on without her. So I have just been stitching on anything on Fridays and this week I decided that I want to try and get Brightneedle Lo How A Rose finished as soon as I can. Gill came on Thursday morning for a stitching session and chat so I got it out then as well and Saturday evening too. There seems so much still to do yet I have loads done!

My Needlework Shop is building up quite nicely and I'm hoping for the grand opening soon. I've been stitching on this a little more than just Wednesdays in the parlour with the ladies at Needlecraft Haven. Must pop my pic up there too before they lock the door and don't let me again!

My SAL with Shirlee has been on hold for a couple of weeks as Shirlee had run out of some thread and was waiting for it to arrive. She said I could keep going but I wanted to wait for her. So this Thursday we picked it up again. I didn't get much done but every little stitch helps!

May's Lily of the Valley is going well even though I had to frog some. I'm really enjoying this series. They are so lovely to stitch and so pretty when finished.  

Finally from the Frosty Forest series an update on Snowy Deer. Fingers crossed it'll be finished on Monday.

My dear friend Barb sent me these two charts. She purchased two of the With Thy Needle Sweet Violet chart so that we can SAL later in the year and she has recently finished the Snowman Trio so passed the chart onto me :) 

I would really like to get back to my HAED QS Spirit of Winter Robin soon. I've been thinking a lot about my HAEDs lately, wishing I hadn't started so many, bought so many and could get on with them without getting bored! The problem is they are so time consuming and unless you stitch on one and one alone take what seems like forever to finish one page let alone the whole thing! So I'm going to try and sort a slot in my rotation to fit the robin in and see what I can get done. I may have to just abandon a couple I've got started but I don't really want to. Maybe once my blanket is too much to take to craft group I could take one there with me that is not confetti heavy!

My DH was on holiday for 2 weeks and we had days out planned. Unfortunately the weather let us down so out of doors trips had to be abandoned except for one as we did get one exceptionally good day so we headed off to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We went last year and loved it so much so had to go again. We had a brilliant day so here's just a few photos. We also went to The Deep but the photos are not so good from there.

That's all for now. I'll be back with my June Stitch From Stash report soon. I've behaved this month!

Until next time take care everyone.

With much love

Sally xxx


Nicola said...

Fantastic photos of the wildlife park, really love those Meercats! All your stitching is looking great, especially the Needlework shop.

Margaret said...

Love all the stitching. That JBW design for your friend is so sweet! I can see how stitching HAED designs can be frustrating if you aren't working constantly on them. I am always amazed at people who have the patience for them myself. Love your pics from the wildlife park!

Vickie said...

What sweet gifts you made up for friends. :)
I think I might enjoy the life of a meerkat! Just look at them!

Vickie said...

What sweet gifts you made up for friends. :)
I think I might enjoy the life of a meerkat! Just look at them!

cucki said...

I alwYs love your beautiful..
Beautiful animal pictures..
Hugs x

Mary Ann said...

The 2 birthday gifts you stitched are lovely, and wonderful progress on your WIP pieces!!

Your photos from the wildlife park are amazing!

Rachael Ball said...

Loving your zoo pictures. Looks like you had a great day, the pictures are really great almost as if the animals posed for you!! The snowmen trio will be fun to stitch when you get a chance.

Christina said...

Ohhhh the beach huts on your gift for Gill are SOOOO cute! :0) x

Heather said...

Your stitching is lovely! I really like the needleworks shop. I can't wait to see Sweet Violet stitched. I have had my eye on her. :-)

Your photos are amazing. It's so frustrating to have the weather mess up your holiday plans. We are supposed to go to the beach for a few days next week and now it's supposed to rain and storm. :-(

Christine said...

Great stitching Sally, and fabulous photos from the Wildlife park

Julie said...

Your needles been smoking again, all looking good, nice gifts.
Great pics from your outing too.

butterfly said...

Lovely stitching again Sally , I just loved what you stitched for me.
Wonderful photos, looks like a great day out hugs.

Mii Stitch said...

Great stitching & lovely pictures of the animals :)

Tina said...

Lovely stitching and fab photography x

Carol said...

I really enjoyed your wildlife photos, Sally! Are you happy with your new camera? My son's girlfriend is in the market for a new one so I'm curious to see how you are enjoying it...

Love your stitching--lucky friends, indeed, to receive one of your finishes :)

Michelle said...

Lovely stitching Sally - oh I love the photos from your day at the Wildlife Park xx

stitchersanon said...

Beautiful stitching the animal I love meerkats lol xx

Southpaw Stitcher said...

You've been such a busy bee! Love the two gifts you stitched, and your WIPs are coming along nicely. Such great photos of all the animals--you have a great eye for composition!

Brigitte said...

Oh Sally, the two little gifts for your friends are fantastic. Such beautiful stitching and finishing. And I love your SAL pieces and your WIPs. Very nice progress on them.

I can understand your thought about your HAEDs. They certainly are very time consuming and maybe sometimes a bit boring. So one needs a lot of motivation to stitch them. I also once bought two but haven't started any of them yet. But I hope to start at least one of them soon.

Such wonderful wildlife pictures from the park. It must have been a great day out.

Andrea said...

Wonderful stitcheries. Love the photos from the Wildlife Park.

Jennifer said...

Such beautiful work, but I do love that beach one! Delightful!

Karoline said...

Cute gifts for your friends, all your other projects are looking lovely. Nice to see 'Lo' again.

Great photos from the Wildlife Park, it's somewhere I've wanted to take the kids for a while but have to find a clear weekend :/

Anonymous said...


Lovely stitching and I like the animal photos too.
Happy weekend.

Penny said...

A couple of lucky ladies to receive such wonderful gifts! And you have some lovely projects that you are working on! Love your pictures from the wildlife park ~ the animals always seem to be asleep whenever we visit the zoo. :)

Mylene said...

Such lovely gifts you've made for your friends! I am sure they will be treasured!

Beautiful pictures from the park!!