Thursday, 29 August 2013

That Was The Week That Was

There has not been a huge amount of stitching done since my last post  but I do have a finish which, to be fair, was almost finished last post and a small new start.

Before I show my stitching as I mentioned in my last post Mouse and Lisa were coming for a visit. Mouse came last Thursday and I really needn't have been so nervous as we got on like the proverbial house on fire and never stopped talking or laughing from the minute she arrived. I got to drool over her many ( and when I say many I mean many!  ) WIPs and she, in turn, got to drool over mine! I also met her lovely two felt mice who took quite a liking to looking at each other through my glasses ( see Mouse's blog post for photos) and had a look at her camera. Now I've been toying with the idea of treating myself to a camera for a while now. I have a little point and shoot but it's not that good really. I've  been using DH's old DSLR but when I take it out it's rather heavy on my neck and makes me ache. Now I want the versatility of a zoom lens so thought about the smaller, lighter, compact system cameras but the camera alone with standard lens is pricey let alone a zoom lens for one. So I wasn't sure what I was going to do until Mouse brought her camera along which is a bridge camera aka a super zoom camera. I have to say I was impressed with the zoom and many of the brilliant features  on it. So I've decided on a  bridge camera  but not which  make and model yet! So  for two evenings I was on my tab solely looking at different cameras, reviews etc and almost ended up talking myself out of one! They don't take the quality of photos a compact system camera or DSLR do according to the reviews but judging  by the photos Mouse has taken they look pretty damn good to me! Anyway here's Mouse and I  with our cuppas taken by Miss Abi! We had a brilliant time and she may have to come back over here so will be very welcome to  visit again. Thank you for a lovely evening Mouse x

Yesterday my surrogate sis Lisa came for the day and there was lots of chatter and laughing.  We hardly shut up all day! I think we only kept quiet eating our sandwiches at lunchtime! Lisa  brought some her many WiPs for me to drool over and she had a drool over mine and went with renewed enthusiasm to do some finishing when she saw some of mine. She even got her DH to go the framer I use as they sell mount board off cuts for £1 a bag and I use it for pin keeps etc. We chatted about all sorts including what we were going to do with all our HAED WIPs. Yes she has way more than me! We even managed some stitching in amongst all the chatter too. Thank you for a brilliant day Lisa x.

Well I guess I'd better show you a little bit of stitching.

First of all here's the finish. I finished this whilst stitching with Lisa yesterday.

Lizzie*Kate Not All of Us

Unknown fabric


Started 26th July 2013

Finished 28th August 2013.

I started this bonus design from the chart yesterday as well.

So hopefully that shouldn't take me too long to stitch and as I won this from Myra a while ago I'd like to pass it on so if you'd like to be the next stitcher of this just say so in your comment and I'll pick a winner next time:)

Monday evening as always is SAL night with my lovely friend Barb. One day I will get to meet Barb too! I didn't get much done but at least it's a bit!

I've stitched a bit on my beautiful robin. How can you not love this little chap?!

Last night was SAL night with Mouse and Lainey. Oh how fun it would have been to meet both of these of lovely ladies. In fact I'd love  to meet each and every one of you! Wow imagine of all us meeting up somewhere! Anyway here's my progress on Curly.

So that's all my stitching.  Now to the kindness of  stitchers. I am always amazed by how kind and wonderful stitches are. Anyway last week I received a surprise package and wondered where it had come from. I knew I hadn't ordered anything, well nothing that would be arriving just yet ( hanging head in utter shame) so thought just open it and find out who it's from! I had an inkling as I thought I recognised the postcode on the  back of the envelope and low and behold I was right.  It was from Lainey and look at lovelies that were inside. I have ideas for these fabrics and trims :). Lainey has also kindly lent me the chart you see in the picture and I've sorted fabric and threads for that today. Thank you so much dear Lainey xx.

Yesterday postie arrived with another package this time from dear Shirlee . Please pop over to her  blog to say hello and give her some support as she's scheduled for heart surgery next month. Just look at this gorgeous project pouch that I found inside the envelope! Isn't it beautiful. Shirlee did the beautiful stitching then sent it over to Myra for finishing.  I am just overwhelmed by the kindness that is shown by stitchers and I wish I could do more than I do. Thank you so much dear Shirlee. It is in use as I've put all my threads, fabric and chart for Curly in it xx

Well that's all my news for now except to say that I very naughtily signed up for the Lizzie*Kate Hearts mystery. Arghhhh can't remember the proper name! I thought about it long and hard and kept looking at the sneak peaks and was sold!

DH and I had an evening out at an evening wedding do. His colleague Paul married Hilary. It was a lovely do. I think Abi overdid my lippy!

Finally the winner of the LHN All is Calm chart is.....Cath! Cath please email your name and address and I'll get it in the post as soon as I can. 

So that's it now! Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last posts. I've been blog commenting earlier so have caught up with many of you and really enjoyed doing so :)

With much love

Sally xxxx


Virpi said...

You have really pretty projects going on and that project bag is awsome!

Vickie said...

Sally! Have you been losing weight?! It looks it.=)
What great fun to meet up with friends! I have yet to meet a stitching friend. I should be ashamed to ask, but I barely am!! Would you include my name for the draw Sally? I really like the pattern. Thank you very much.

Christina said...

You look stunning on your evening out Sally. Love the collar on your blouse.
I really enjoyed reading your post - filled with lots of goodies! :0)

Cath said...

Gorgeous stitching and finishing. I would love to stitch the LK chart . Would it be too cheeky to put my name in as I've just won the other one ? lol. Thank you very much x

Glad you had some fun with Mouse and Lisa. We should try and organise a big get together one day x

Julie said...

Lovely to see a smiley face, stitching friends visits are just the best! You'll have to holiday in Weymouth like I did and go visit Barb, she's so lovely.

Heather said...

Your stitching looks great! I love the pictures of you and mouse and Lisa. :0) It's a lovely picture of you and your husband too.

Mary Ann said...

Lovely stitching as always--love your LK finish! And, you received some wonderful gifts!!

Mouse said...

hopefully I will be able to come back soon to see you and enjoy a few more cuppas :) would love to be in with the chance to win the Lizzie *Kate chart ,its gorgeous , you have got much further on than I with Curly Q and I am glad I got to see it in real life :)
hope I can get to meet up with Lisa soon too ... may be I ought to become the travelling mouse heheheheh :) love mouse xxxx

Linda said...

Congrats on the great finish Sally. I would love a chance to stitch that chart. Great progress on all your other projects.


Ellen said...

Wow, it's great to have blog friends visiting!

Love the progress on your wips! Enjoy the gifts from your friends, really love that pouch finished by Myra!

You look great in all the photos!


Jackie said...

The big grin in all your photos says it all! I call tell you've had such a good time!

gracie said...

Lovely stitching and lovely ladies! Wouldn't it be fun if we could get together.

Margaret said...

That's so great that you got together with Mouse and Lisa and had such a good time! Lovely pressies too. Love your stitching too!

Rowyn said...

Lovely pic of you and your DH.

You have some lovely WIPs on the go.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely pictures of you and Lisa and Mouse and your husband. Sounds like you had a great time. Your stitching is coming along gorgeously. Beautiful gift.

Clare - Aimetu said...

Lovely photos Sally - it's great to meet friends - why not come along to the next Needlecraft Meet Up - the details are on the forum and if you get the train I'll meet you at the station.

I love the chart and would like to be included in your draw - although you didn'tdo much in the Parlour it's certainly growing :)

butterfly said...

How wonderful Sally to spend time with friends you must have had a great time.
All your stitching looks wonderful and love your gifts and photos hugs.

cucki said...

Aww such sweet pictures with sweet friends :)
Sweet stitching like always
Big hugs x

Kay said...

It is always lovely to read about cross stitch kindness, good friends and presents.

Pull the other thread said...

Amazing progress on everything. I'm glad you had such a lovely time with your stitching friends.

Bernadett Rauski said...

Dear Sally,

It was a pleasure to read your post.:) About chatting,laughing...:)I wish more days like those...:)
Your stitchings are lovely! I like the first saying very very much...I would like to stitch it...I will try to find it.:)
Your presents are wonderful.:)


Vonna Pfeiffer said...

What fun to have friends over and talk, laugh and share!!! You say not much stitching has gone on, but it seems quite a lot to me :) and each one beautiful and perfect on its progress!!

Bev said...

You ought to see Mouse's craft room, so full of lovely things, I'm green with envy every time I stitch at her house, some lovely finishes xx

jane said...

Sounds like you had a great time with Mouse and Lisa. Lovely stitching too.
On the subject of cameras DH got a Panasonic bridge camera and says that it is great. We saw lots of people with the same model when we were on holiday too.

Karoline said...

Sounds like you had a great time with Mouse & Lisa.

Your finish is lovely & great progress on your wips

Michelle said...

Lovely photos Sally - I have always thought how nice it would be to pick a day, book a venue and let all us stitcher's get together for the day/weekend xx

Chris said...

What a lovely week, friends, stitching and surprises in the mail!! Lovely update.

Pumpkin said...

How exciting!!!! I would love to meet another stitchy Blogger. It must have been so much fun with Mouse. She is a dear :)

Your stitching is lovely as always ;)

What lovely gifts to find in the mail! Yes, stitchers are the kindest of people.

I don't think any small camera will replace a DLSR but there are quite a few that do the job quite well and are easier to take along with you. Keep your DLSR for your more important photos. I find that works the best but that's JMHO :)

Catherine said...

Busy, fun times!! Love all of your projects!!

Christine said...

Lucky you to get to meet up with stitchy friends.
Lovely gifts and great stitching too.
If it's any help we use Sony cameras almost exclusively and have always been very pleased with them

Myra said...

Meeting fellow bloggers is just the best, isn't it? It looks like you were having fun. How sweet of Shirlee to gift you with that project bag. I had no idea you were to be the recipient but it suits you perfectly. Isn't Shirlee's stitching perfection? Your stitching looks wonderful as well. I am happy to see you finished Not all of USs - it was a fun stitch for me and I hope it was you too.

Brigitte said...

Seems you spent two wonderful days with your stitching friends. It's always such a treat to speak about projects and plans and stitching and to look at each other's WIPs and finishes.
You have some nice progress on your projects. Great stitching.

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Stitching friends are the best, aren't they? Congrats on your beautiful finish, and just love all your WIPs, especially Curly. Looks like you're close to a finish on that one.

Veronica said...

Oh, what lovely company you've had over. Stitching friends sure are great :)

Beautiful stitching. Your robin sure is gorgeous. Love the colours! Curly is progressing wonderfully too.