Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Christmas All Year Round Finish

I can't believe that I have actually managed to finish my November ornament for the Christmas All Year Round SAL in decent time. OK so it isn't made up yet but it's finished. I seriously need to get my finger out as I have three ornaments to make up before the tree goes up and I need to get them done this week because next week I'll be too busy!

So here's my ornament.

Daffycat Designs Stocking Reindeer

32 count Permin Amber linen


Started 12th November 2012

Finished 20th November 2012

I also finished this one.

Little House Needleworks Snow in Love

32 count Gander Rose linen


Started 15th October 2012

Finished 12th November 2012

I stitched Abi a wee gift for her 18th birthday.

Shepherd's Bush Happy Birthday

28 count unknown fabric


Started 25th October 2012

Finished 6th November 2012

I have had two other finishes and a start but can't show those as they are gifts.

Progress now on my HAEDs. Guardian did not get much done on it as we were out for Abi's 18th on Friday evening and I was shattered when we got back in. Saturday we went to the pub for a quick drink although Abi doesn't drink alcohol :).

HAED QS Holly Fairy is coming along nicely. I have almost finished page 1 and just love how she is looking.  I am hoping to get this page finished soon. Abi wants it finished for Christmas. Yup I'm Super Mum!!!

Final stitchy photo is my progress on LHN Home of a Needleworker ( Too!). All the chatting in the parlour over at Needlecraft Haven means it's slow going but I am enjoying this :)

I  am adding a couple of BBD books to my for sale page as well as LHN Snow in Love chart so please take a look if you think you might be interested.

Next year I am planning on trying to stitch from my stash as much as possible again with just the odd treat. Obviously if I need fabric or threads I will have to buy them as I can't stitch without them! Things are getting tighter as I'm sure you will all know as the economic climate is not improving, prices of everything are on the up but wages are not going the same way! Another thing is I won't be able to stitch and send as many birthday gifts next year. I did cut down a little this year but next year I am going to have to cut down more. I hate doing it as I do enjoy giving. I will still be doing it for a few of my friends though. 

Thank you for all your lovely birthday wishes for Abi on my last post. She says thank you very much and send you all hugs. Here are just a few photos. She insisted that I buy a dress to go out in but I am terrible when it comes to buying clothes. I hate the way I look and just feel that I look old and terrible. However the red number I bought made me feel really good! Not keen on the photos of me though! Abi had a tattoo done on her birthday and I must get a photo of it to show you. I have one on my phone but not got it uploaded onto the PC.

That is all from me for now. I am way behind on blogs and may have to mark them all as read just this time but will see how I get on.

Take care everyone.

With much love



Mrs. GraceWorks said...

What a pretty cake Abi had! And your stitching is beautiful as always!! I have a pile of about 5 ornaments to finish up before Christmas. Must.get.busy!!

una sognatrice newyorkese said...

Beautiful blog!!!

Vickie said...

The pictures are great of all of you! Sally, I thought you were not dying your hair anymore?! It appears you did? Am I to be alone in this adventure? ;) You look great!

Lesleyanne said...

Sally you look gorgeous in your red dress - there is no way you look old and terrible. Great family photos. Gorgeous stitching - I have too many finishes to mention - will have to get the sewing machine out this weekend.

Nicola said...

I love seeing happy photos. Times are getting harder for sure.

Cath said...

Fab stitching , and you look gorgeous in that dress. X

Margaret said...

I love the pics from Abi's birthday! So fun to see everyone! Lovely stitching as well! I too need to cut down on stash buying next year. I hope I can do it!

butterfly said...

Great stitching and great photo's every thing look's beautiful, and the cake soooo yummy. hugs.

cucki said...

wow you looking so lovely in the red dress deary...
beautiful photos and great stitching..
lots of love for you x

Shirlee said...

Beautiful stitchings Sally, & I think you look lovely in that red dress : )

Julie said...

Super pics of Abi's birthday, fabulous cake, did you make it?
I think we are all feeling the same Sally regards sending things in the post with the ever increasing prices of everything especially the postal charges. I'll be stitching from stash with just the odd treat and necessary supplies.

♥ Nia said...

Happy birthday to Abi!! :D May all her wishes come true =)
Congrats on your finishes, your ornaments look very pretty! And your HAED is looking gorgeous! I'm curious to see more and more :D

Mary Ann said...

I love your recent ornament finishes, and Abi's birthday needleroll is lovely! Thank you for sharing the photos of her birthday and your family--your daughters are beautiful--just like their mother!!

Bernadett said...

Beautiful works.:)
Happy birthday.:)

Ellen said...

Gorgeous stitching! I especially love that little gift you stitched for Abi!

That cake sure looks yummy! You love great in that red dress!

Happy Holidays!


Catherine said...

It's always fun seeing your stitchy projects!
Lovely pictures from Abi's birthday!

Gabi said...

Beautiful cake. Your daughters and you are looking lovely. You look great in that lovely red dress!!!
Love your stitching. It's great as always.

Barb said...

Lady in red -very special photos there, so nice to see all your family . Sounds like a good time was had by all .
Your stitching is so gorgeous. All I can do is drool ,oops better get a cloth.
Speak soon

Jackie said...

Red is definitely your color - you look fantastic! You have a wonderful smile too!

Happy Birthday Abi!

Loubie69 said...

Some lovely ornie finishes Sally. I also love the fabric you are stitching the LHN design on. Great photos of the family too :-)

Michelle said...

Oh Sally what beautiful stitching and what beautiful family photos. Stunning. I know what you mean about cutting back next year - I shall be doing exactly the same thing xx

Fiona said...

Great progress on your HAED. I'm in the same boat on stitching from my stash the economic crisis is really starting to bit. Abi looks great and so does her Mum in the pretty red dress.

Anne said...

Wow! Those photos of you and your daughters are stunning! You are all so beautiful. Happy Birthday to Abi!!

Great finishes too! I stitched Daffy's reindeer and loved it! Great progress on your HAEd's!!

Suzanne said...

Pretty finishes you have! What a gorgeous cake your daughter had.