Friday, 26 October 2012

Here's Looking At You Kid ( Almost)

Hello from a slightly chillier east coast of England. The forecast says we might get a few snow flurries today but I think that will be a bit further north and we will get rain. It's definitely winter coat weather today!

Before I show my progress, bit of stash etc I have added some more charts to my for sale page if anyone would like to have a look :)

If the title of my blog post is puzzling you I'd better start with the reason for it! I have been working towards the eye on page 1 of HAED QS Holly Fairy and I now can see the outline so she is almost looking! I am so pleased with how she's coming along and so happy that I started her again. 

Friday and Saturday last week HAED Guardian came out again. I am getting closer and closer to finishing page 9 which is brilliant as I don't think I'll have finished a page this quick since I started it! 

I've stitched a little more on my ornament for the Christmas All Year Round SAL. I hope to make more of an effort this Sunday and get it finished before the end of October! Love the fact that I'll have 12 new ones this year. Plus my dear friend Michelle emailed me to say she would love to stitch The Primitive Hare ornament from the JCS mag for me and so I can't tell you how thrilled I am. 

Monday was SAL night again with Barb. I'm really enjoying stitching LHN Snow in Love. It's such a cute design and I can't wait to get it on my Christmas tree this year.

The parlour was nice and cosy over on Needlecraft Haven for our SAL on Wednesday evening. More progress was made on LHN Home of a Needleworker ( Too!) and we almost have a roof! Good job now it's getting chilly!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win one of Veronica's gorgeous pin cushions in her giveaway and it arrived this week. Let me tell you that this photo really does not do it justice! It is so pretty and I will treasure it always. Thank you so much Veronica. I hope you received my email. {{{hugs}}}

My dear friend Michelle went to Ally Pally to the needlecraft show there and very kindly sent me this gorgeous East of India ribbon. I love their ribbons so I was delighted to receive this. Thank you so much Michelle. It'll look gorgeous on my Christmas stitching {{{hugs}}}

A while ago Lois very kindly sent me a sample of some linen she'd been stitching on that I really liked the look of. I forgot to show it on my blog so here it is at last! It is available at The Sampler Guild. The colour is Salamander! Isn't it lovely? I'm going to use this to stitch an ornament on:)  Thank you so much Lois {{{hugs}}}

Chris and I will be starting our December SAL soon. We had planned on Shepherd's Bush Holly and Ivy Sampler but had a change of plan and we're now going to do Country Cottage Needleworks Gingerbread Cottage. As I had some funds in decided to get the chart, fabric and two CC threads for it now rather than wait a few weeks.

I also bought all this fabric from Lisa B for the grand total of £9.70 including postage. It's mostly 28 count with a few pieces of 30 and 32 but  it'll all come in very handy. I'm already using a piece for a birthday gift:)

Finally my knitting progress. I've started block 4 on the Arsenic and Old Lace afghan I've been knitting. This one has been knitted and taken back more times than I care to remember as I didn't think it was right but it is!

That's my news for now. I'm behind ( again) on blog reading and commenting but I hope to catch up with everyone soon :)

Until next time.

With much love



Pull the other thread said...

Wow lots of progress again. Holly is coming along beautifully. Well done.

gracie said...

Good progress on your projects and lovely gifts.

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Good for you keeping up with the Christmas Ornament SAL! I haven't done so well with that!! In fact, I still have a pile that I stitched at the beginning of the year that are sitting in my "to be finished" box to be made into ornaments!! Great job on all your WIPs!! I love seeing them come together!


Carol said...

Your needles have really been flying this week, Sally!! Wonderful progress on those HAEDs!! And nice gifts in your mailbox... How nice to purchase all of that lovely fabric for such a great price, too!!

Deb said...

My goodness you really have some projects going on - those HAED's alone are a lot of work!! Great gifts you've received!!

butterfly said...

You have been busy Sally all your stitching looks wonderful. lovely gifts.
We can never have enough material can we , thats what I always tell my DH.

Michelle said...

Lovely progress on your stithcing Sally xx

Margaret said...

Such lovely stitchy progress! Love the purchases too!

cucki said...

Great progress on your projects and lovely gifts...
big hugs xxx

Christina said...

Oh my goodness - your postman has been very busy!
I love the snowmen you are stitching - so cute.
It definitely is getting cold, isn't it? Today is the first time I've worn gloves in a very long time. Roll on summer! :0)
I look forward to seeing the East of India ribbon on your Christmas finishes. How lovely of Michelle to think of you.

Linda said...

Wow Sally. Great progress on all your pieces. I love the new stash you got especially the fabric. It is so pretty.


Cath said...

Lovely progress Sally , the Guardian is coming on so much.Great knitting too.X

Bernadett said...

Very nice works in progress.:)

Nicola said...

Where to start, everything looks so beautiful. It is chilly in the south west tonight as well.

Lesleyanne said...

A great post Sally. Lovely progress on your WIPs which are all looking gorgeous. Great new stash. Lovely gifts. Your scarf is looking beautiful.

Jackie said...

It looks like you're in the zone Sally! Flying through page 9 and all your other projects!

Barb said...

Fab post Sally great progress on your biggies and Snow in love is gorgeous too. I am awaiting fabric from Isabella to stitch the PH ornie ,arent you the lucky one for Michelle to stitch it for you. See you Monday in the snow sweetie will wrap up warm for the journey.

Anonymous said...

Your HAED's are gorgeous.

Snow in love is cute.

It is good to know your roof will be on soon for Home of a needleworker with snow on the way. lol

What an awesome giveaway. The India ribbon is pretty.

Looks like you will be using up all that linen for some future projects.

I am enjoying your progress on your knitting and wondering why I haven't gotten into it yet? I want to learn and then I don't. lol

Have a great weekend Sally!

Scattered Threads said...

Lovely progress on all your stitching Sally.
I've gone back a few of your post and your finished ornies are beautiful.

♥ Nia said...

Great progress!! :D I love those snowmen :)
Congrats on your goodies! and enjoy the weekend :D

Christine said...

You've been really busy Sally, all the stitching looks wonderful

Julie said...

Great gifts and wht stunning fabric selection you have bought from Lisa.
Lots of lovely stitching you've been up to too.

Fiona said...

Your gifts look great. I recently saw a couple of HAED designs and so want to stitch one, but can't decide which to get. You are making great progress on them. Good luck with all your SALs.

Susan said...

Love your LHN pieces!

That ribbon is gorgeous! What are you going to use it on?

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sally your HEADS are making fantastic progress on both and I'm so happy watching you work on these.

Your postman has sure been busy, you've received some lovely gifts lately!

Anne said...

Wow! Beautiful progress on your HAED's Sally! Love the Holly one!! Lovely little ornies you are stitching too! What great little gifts you have received. Veronica's pin cushion is so perfect! Great fabby's you got there for an amazing price!!

Mary Ann said...

Wonderful stitching progress, and lovely gifts!!

Catherine said...

Wonderful progress and gifts! I received my cushion this week too, and I agree, the pictures don't do them justice!!