Friday, 30 December 2011

It's Nearly 2012

Nearly time for my stitch from my chart stash and I'm going to start it with a determination to make it through until at least July!

I've been busy stitching away since my last post and spending time with my DH and girls. We've had lots of lovely festive food and a little bit to drink ( spiced rum- yum! ) but first of all I'd like to show you the two gifts I stitched.

First off is what I stitched for my surrogate sis Lisa. We've both had a rough year this year and sometimes we both need a reminder that it is a wonderful life for all the crap it sometimes deals us so I stitched this for her.

The Sampler Girl Wonderful Life

Can't remember the fabric


Started 24th November 2011

Finished 3rd December 2011

Christmas Gift for Lisa.

I also stitched a little something for Michelle

Little House Needlworks Thankful

25 count fabric

DMC and Crescent Colours.

Started 4th December 2011

Finished 9th December 2011

Christmas Gift for Michelle

Now you will have to please excuse the following photos as I've taken them using this, which was one of my Christmas presents,
and am trying to get used to it. I usually use my DH's DSLR camera but fancied something of my own that I can pop in my pocket when I'm going out for a walk and also use for my stitchy pictures. Although the colours of the threads are as near as the fabric isn't but I might have been better using the flash! It's trial and error at the moment. I will say that for an inexpensive camera it takes some good photos as I took it out with me the other day and got some good ones.

Anyway we had a lovely Christmas dinner with my Dad, my sister, her partner and DH's Dad here. It went much better than I expected and everyone enjoyed themselves. My sister and her partner even played with us on the Wii at Mario Kart Wii and it was hilarious! I am, however, rather cross with myself that I let myself get so worked up and stressed over it as it totally spoiled the run up to Christmas for me. However I seem to look on the black side these days rather than the bright which is not good.

I did get some nice stitchy stash for Christmas. DH's Dad, auntie and my Dad give us money for when we go Christmas shopping and we buy gifts for each other from our lists. This is what I got from DH's Dad.

And this is what I received from my surrogate sis Lisa. Thank you so much {{{{hugs}}}} I did confess to Lisa yesterday though that I have two of these as I very naughtily ordered it in the JJ's End of year sale not thinking that someone would buy me it but I have plans for both of them!

And this is what I received from Michelle. Isn't it gorgeous? Thank you so much Michelle {{{{hugs}}}}

So Christmas Day evening was the start of my SAL with Michelle so with a cup of "Christmas Tea" and my fabric and threads I made a start. The tea cup and saucer was a Christmas gift, amongst other things, from my DH.

This is where I'm at as of Tuesday afternoon. Michelle's needle has well and truly been smoking as she is almost finished and it looks gorgeous!

Of course on a wet and windy afternoon there is nothing better than a cup of Twinings Lady Grey and a cinnamon cookie:)

Tuesday evening I decided it was time I picked up CCN Snowflake Serenade. I'd stitched on it on Christmas Eve as well.

Wednesday as usual is my SAL night with Lisa although from 2012 we are moving it to Tuesdays. I finished stitching the wording across the top and the bird house. The fabby colour is definitely not right on this one!

Last night I decided to pick up Tra La La Snowman my December SAL with Chris and Lesleyanne. As I'm so close to finishing it I think I shall stitch on this tonight as well.

I don't know if I will stitch at all tomorrow evening but if I do it'll probably be on Christmas Tea. On New Years Day Lisa and I are having our New Years Day new start as we did last year and we're both looking forward to it. Here is what we are stitching along with the thread I have chosen. I just need to sort a small piece of 32 count fabric and I'd ready to go!
Well if you've got this far thank you for reading! I'll be back more regularly in the New Year. Happy 2012 to you all. I hope it is Happy, Healthly, Prosperous and Stitch filled. Thank you all for your friendship in 2011 and I will see you in 2012! I have some photos from Christmas but will leave those for another time as I need to make them smaller yet! I must apologise as I've been mostly marking blogs as read in my reader as I just haven't had time to read and comment but normal service will, hopefully, resume next week!

With much love



Claire said...

WOW what gorgeous stitching and gifts! I am looking forward to joining you on the Stitch from Stash 2012 x Glad your Christmas turned out better than you were expecting. Hope 2012 is a better year for you and your family and that you might be able to see the brighter side of life a few times this coming year Love Claire xxx

gracie said...

Great stitching going on at your place! I think I will have to stitch It's a Wonderful Life for Mr H and me...we too had a rough time lately( 6 months)and it is finally looking good for 2012. Happy New Year to you.

Jackie said...

Sally, I have to tell you that I love the picture you took of yourself! You look wonderful in red!

One thing I need to do for next year is something that you do which is to plan to do some stitching every day. You have a specific plan. Often after work, I tend to be exhausted and sit in front of the tv or computer after my evening activities when I could get so much from stitching as I find it very calming and soothing. I have to work on that!

natalyK said...

Lots of lovely stitching! Happy New Year!

Mary Ann said...

Lovely stitching and lovely gifts, Sally!

Happy New Year!!

Shirlee said...

Oh my goodness! My head is spinning looking at all your wonderful WIPs & future WIPs! Love all those snowmen & the Wondeful Life pillow & the tea cup & the cinnamon cookie : ) Blessings, Shirlee

Margaret said...

Wonderful stitching as usual! Glad you had a good Christmas with family as well. I hear you on stressing over things beforehand -- i do the same so I sympathize. Happy 2012!

Beth Pearce said...

The stitchy gifts you gave and received are very lovely.

Congrats on your new camera! I got one for my birthday in late November.

Your stitching, as always is beautiful. I hope you meant that the color the camera showed was different and not that you think your fabric is wrong, that would be terrible!

Thank you for your admission on marking posts read. I did the same thing the day after Christmas, just couldn't take the time.

Bienvenue... said...

Nice to meet you!
Great stitching and lovely gifts...
Happy new year dear Sally.

Catherine said...

Wow! Looks and sounds like you've had a lot of fun! Great stash and beautiful stitches! Have a Happy New Year!

Catherine said...

Wow! Looks and sounds like you've had a lot of fun! Great stash and beautiful stitches! Have a Happy New Year!

Christine said...

Beautiful gifts sent and received and all your stitched snowmen are gorgeous.

Lesleyanne said...

What gorgeous stitching and gifts! I am looking forward to joining you on the Stitch from Stash 2012. So pleased your Christmas turned out better than you were expecting. Hope 2012 is a better year for you and your family Love Lesleyanne xxx

Maggie said...

What wonderful gifts and stitching too!
I love your cup and saucer that your DH bought you :-) and what better tea to have in it than Lady Grey :-)

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2012!

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Look at all your beautiful stitching and stash!! Yay! And I adore your teacup. It makes me smile just looking at it. Can't wait to see some more of your projects finished and to see which of your stash charts you're going to work on. I always love your work!!

Blessings in the new year!!!


valerie said...

Gorgeous stitching and gifts Sally! And a cute the red! Happy New Year!

jane said...

Beautiful stitching and lovely gifts Sally. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas, hope the New Year is a good one for you. (((hugs)))

Julie said...

Lovely gifts, I do like your teacup and saucer. Your new camera looks very much like the one DH bought me, perfect for the pocket. I'm so pleased your Christmas Day turned out so well for you.
Happy and healthy 2012 to you Sally x

Gillie said...

I have so enjoyed reading your blog all year, Sally, and despite the setbacks you really accomplished a LOT! All praise to you! Look forward to more in 2012, a very happy and peaceful New Year to you xxx

Colleen said...

Oh my, Awesome stitching projects, Sally! I know Lisa must be thrilled with It's a Wonderful Life, great finish! Super picture of you Sally!! Lovely gifts & new stash for you. So good to hear that Christmas turned out better than anticipated. You are my inspiration to use my stash and not purchase until July; only threads and/or fabric if needed. My wish for you, my dear friend, is a Happier, healthy New Year. Hugs!

Karen said...

I just love your little blue pillow sweet!

Hope you have a great stitchy new year!

Mouse said...

ooooo you have been busy :) and love all the gifts both given and received... *waving small paw helloooo and love the new camera :) wishing you a wonderful, healthy and happy stitchy new year :) love mouse xxxxx

Anne said...

Sally, I'm wishing you and your family all the best in the new year and I hope that life gets brighter for you :D

Lovely lovely ornies you stitched! You are quite good at making them!! Love that adorable tea cup you have!! So sweet! Great stash haul too!!!

Take care



Michelle said...

Lovely photos Sally - thank you for sharing them with us. I have now finished the SAL and Andy has the perfect frame for me so he'll sort that tomorrow. Maybe we can do it again a little later in the New Year. You received some lovely gifts and its a lovely photo of you with your camera. Yes heres to a New Year full of friendship, love, health and many blessings and lots of stitching time too!

Rowyn said...

Gorgeous stitching and gifts.

Happy new year!

cucki said...

lots of lovely stitching..i love snowman so much..
happy new year xx

Ellen said...

You have some wonderful gifts! Great progress with your stitching, I especially love LK and Tra la la snowmen!

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Jennifer said...

Your prolific stitching puts me to shame. You always have such lovely finishes and even your in progress pictures are so beautiful. Maybe they're the kick in the butt I need to get started on my own Christmas Tea one.

Myra said...

You got some wonderful gifts Sally and have been busy stitching too. I hope you have a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

DonnaTN said...

It is always fun to read your blog, so much lovely stitching and stash! I'm glad your family Christmas went so well. Next year you will have this good one to remember and keep your head and heart full of positive feelings.

Anonymous said...

Nice stitching pics, Sally... I think your new camera is performing fabulously :) Love your new teacup- what a sweet gift! I hope you have a beautiful start to 2012... Happy New Year, my friend!

Catherine's Sewing Corner said...

You have some beautiful; things on your blog. I have become your newest follower. Hope yopu have lots of fun with your camera . Happy new year
x catherine

Carol said...

Happy New Year, Sally!! I love your latest finishes and gifts--can't wait to see what beauties spring from your needle in 2012 :P

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sally, I hope you have good 2012!

Lots of stitchy goodness on this blog post! Lots of great new stash and wonderful projects!

Andrea said...

Wonderful stitching, gifts, finishes and WIPs alike.

A happy and healthy New Year to you.

Siobhan said...

What fantastic stitching and gifts! I'm glad that you had such a good Christmas!

Suzanne said...

Beautiful stitching and lovely gifts!

The camera looks great. I need one too I think. My camera's shutter is stuck and no longer worth repairing. I usually wait for my DH to take photos for me with his DSLR, so I don't post as much anymore. Let me know what you think of your camera, because I am looking at getting the same one.