Monday, 15 August 2011

A Finish &Two SALs

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post and my fantastic day with Lisa. We have both been through some tough times with depression and anxiety and have spent many a time trying to help each other chatting on MSN so it was lovely to be able to get to spend the day together. We were lucky enough to get to spend a bit more time together on Friday afternoon when she invited me up to her caravan:) I really wish we lived closer. 

On Wednesday evening both of us, Lisa in her caravan and me at home, stitched a little more on LHN Travelling Stitcher. I really love how this is looking and like MBT Designs A New Day it will be special for both of us. I mentioned to Lisa on Wednesday when we started it that I was going to do the initial bit over one so that I could stitch both our initials on it:) 

Thank you to everyone who played along with my name the sheep:) Lisa and I have decided he should be called Cecil as we both like that one so I'll be sending a little something to Tricia for suggesting that name :) Give me a few weeks though! Lol!

I am so happy to report that I have finally finished Blackbird Designs AotH Happy Birthday! I can truly say that this was my least favourite so far although I love the colours and the design I just did not enjoy it as much as the others. I think it could have been the Lazy Daisy stitches and in the end I left the lower ones off. This one is dedicated to my wonderful late mother-in-law Pat who was the best m.i.l. a girl could wish for. My DH and I were married in 1986 and Pat passed away in 1999 and in those 13 years we only ever had one cross word and that was caused by someone else sticking their nose in! I added her birth year and the initials of her parents.

Blackbird Designs AotH Happy Birthday

36 count Rosewood linen


Started 8th July 2011

Finished 13th August 2011

I think I'm going to stitch Pumpkin Farm next but will make up my mind on Friday!

As I said in my last post I just managed to get a place in Carol R's iStitch mystery SAL and the first part of the chart was sent out on Saturday. I did say to Carol that I hoped I could keep up and keep up I reckon I can! I had planned to stitch it on 35 count white superfine linen which I bought from Sew and So ( how nice it is to have funds from Ebay sales :) ) but I changed my mind and am using 25 count instead stitching one over one. The thread I'm using is an unknown Victorian Motto thread which Nancy kindly sent me for free when I purchased some threads from her. It's a lovely colour. Anyway I started this when I'd finished Happy Birthday on Saturday evening and finished it yesterday evening.

Once I'd popped the last few stitches into the SAL last night I picked up Blackbird Designs Peacock Pin Keep and started the top bit. I'm enjoying this one a lot and I think it'll be a quite a quick stitch but the making up may take a while!

Almost forgot my progress on HAED Guardian from last Thursday evening. I'm thinking I may just post monthly progress on this one as it's quite slow going really. What would you rather see, weekly or monthly?

Thank you for your lovely comments for Jess on my last post. I think she's going back to the doctors ( unless she changes her mind!) as she's thought about what he said to her. She was worried about the side effects of the oestrogen pill but has now decided to give it a go rather than put up with painful, irregular cycles.

I finished my Beating the Blues program ( CBT) on Thursday and am now waiting to hear from my counsellor as he's supposed to get in touch with me once I've finished. It has helped to a certain extent but I know I'm not as I should be just yet. It'll come and I know I'll have setbacks.

Time to go now and get on:)

Take care everyone.

Love & hugs



Shebafudge said...


You have some beautiful stitching. The SAL looks pretty.

Christina said...

I know what you mean about lazy daisy stitches - yuck - I hate doing them!
Pumpkin Farm has got to be my favourite of the AoTH series, I just love the colours in it. I look forward to seeing your progress on it.

Barb said...

Gorgeous work as usual Sally, Love the colour you are doing Carols sal in. I wish I had signed up now ,oh well I have more than enough to be getting on with lol.

Mouse said...

oooo wonderful progress reports :) and glad you were able to meet up .. its fun when you can :) love your AOTH and I will get round to starting mine soon honest .... off to go and do some stitching now :0 love mouse xxxx

Catherine said...

All of your stitches look wonderful!! Hugs!

Margaret said...

Great stitching as uaual. So many wonderful projects! Of course my favorite is your AotH from BBD. I so want to stitch that series!

I hope Jess's problem clears up and there are no bad side effects from the estrogen. I also hope you're feeling better and the depression goes away. I know how it is, at least from the perspective of being a mate to someone with depression. Hang in there!

valerie said...

Congrats on your finish! It's lovely and sweet of you to dedicate it to your MIL. Good for you with sticking with the CBT and I'm glad it's helped some. Perhaps the counselor will suggest more talk time if you don't feel quite ready. *hugs*

Siobhan said...

Your WIPs look fantastic, Sally! Great job on the finish, too. How nice to dedicate it to your MIL. :)

Vonna said...

All of your WIPS just look stunningly wonderful! Congratulations on finishing your class :)

Elaine said...

As always you have such beautiful stitches to drool over Sally. Love the colour of thread you chose for Carols SAL and the square you dedicated to your M-I-L is gorgeous.
Glad you and Lisa had such a nice day together. The LK gift for her is so pretty.
Hope Jess;s meds help. Hugs!

Ranae said...

Hi! Sally
I love the BBD finish. I want to stitch pumpkin farm, that's my favorite

Lesleyanne said...

Congrats on your finish. It is gorgeous. I don't know what laisy daisy is! Looking forward to seeing your pumpkin patch. Your wips are coming along lovely. I found it better to be on the pill so I hope it helps Jess.

jane said...

I love the way you have personlaised Happy Birthday Sally, I wasn't keen on those lazy daisy stitches either though.
Your WIPs are looking great, Travelling Stitcher looks as though it will be a lovely piece to stitch, I hope you and Lisa enjoy it.

Tricia said...

What lovely progress you've made! I love coming to see your work. And I'm thrilled that you chose Cecil! : ) How fun for me!

Patty C. said...

Your wips look great Sally -

Myra said...

Lovely stitching - you have been busy! How nice that you got to spend some time with a stitching friend - that is just the best!

Debby said...

I so enjoy looking at all your wonderful stitching! You accomplish so much each week, I'm in awe! I think though, that since an HAED is rather slow - due to the sheer size of these projects - that a monthly post of that one is great. I certainly don't think you need to feel "stressed" over this one as it's just a very big project. I have one I haven't started yet and in a way can't wait, but stitching time is very limited and it'll be a year or two.

Best of luck to your daughter, that's a very tough decision for someone her age. And best of luck to you as well. Depression is a very tricky illness and I wish you the all the best in fighting it.

Ellen said...

Congrats on another AoTH finish, I love it! Looking forward to Pumpkin Farm.

Love the red color your used for Carol's Mystery SAL. I have a hard time with the choice of colors.


Gabi said...

Congrats on your finish. It looks lovely. Love all your WIP's too.

Carol said...

Such a pretty color you've chosen for Carol's SAL, Sally. Your Happy Birthday block is wonderful and a delightful tribute to your mother-in-law. How nice that you had such a special relationship!

Lois said...

I'm looking forward to watching your progress on Carol's SAL. I resisted signing up for it and I've the feeling I'll probably be kicking myself as it unfolds! Love your AoTH and such a pretty block to dedicate to your MIL.

Kate said...

Love your AotH finish - a lovely dedication to your MIL.
Great new starts - your thread choice for Carol's SAL is gorgeous.
Hope Jess gets sorted quickly.

mdgtjulie said...

Everything looks great Sally. Grats on the finish, and for continuing to work on The Guardian. It's looking lovley. I just love that chart, and you're making me want to start it, lol. I want to get it in color though!!! I'm okay with either update schedule. If you want to update weekly or monthly, that's fine with me. Do it how you feel comfortable with it. Glad to hear you finished your CBT. Grats to you!! I'm glad it's helped you some. And I hope Jess feels better on her pills, and that they take the painful part away!!

Christine said...

Great stitching Sally. I love the colour you've chosen for the SAL

Beth said...

I love all your stitching and as always I am amazed at your speedy progress. The PIF letter cushions are darling!

Comgratulations on finishing your class!

Michelle said...

Lovely finishes Sally - reading your posts always make me want to stitch - sending you hugs xx

Lisa said...

TS is looking gorgeous Sally, I bet you'll have that house finished today! I've just picked mine up and made a VERY small start on the house, hoping to get a good amount of stitching in today then will take a pic to post.
I love the name Cecil for your sheep, great idea of Tricia's.
Well done on finishing AotH Happy Birthday, you'll be able to start and enjoy the next one now.
Your thread choice for the IStitch SAL is lovely! I finished mine last night and have just taken a pic and emailed it to Carol. Will post it on my blog in a bit as well.
Nice start on the peacock pinkeep top, and more lovely progress on Guardian. Whichever you decide, I love seeing your wips pics. I'm just trying to get back into stitching and blogging regularly again lol. What with the SAL and the baby gift I need to do, and then another week away arranged I think I'm going to wait til Erin's back at school before I try to get back into my rotation as well.
Hope to chat on msn soon. Hugs.

Michele B. said...

Lovely stitching as always. Love the name Cecil! Your SAL floss is such a pretty color. I keep looking at what other people chose and wondering if I picked the best color, oh well, it's stitched now. I hope the CBT program continues to help you. I am always amazed at how much you do despite your mood struggles. You are someone to be admired.

Mary Ann said...

Sally, I always look forward to seeing a post from you so that I can see all your lovely stitching! I especially love your BBD finish!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your SAL piece with Lisa is looking wonderful. I have a special place in my heart for the SAL pieces I've done!

Your finish looks great, congrats!

Show whatever progress you feel like!!!

♥marylin♥ said...

I love your stitching, very beautiful

j'aime beaucoup vos broderies, elles sont magnifiques !

amitiés de France

Sharon said...

Pretty, pretty finish! Your SAL progress looks great!

Susan said...

Congratulations on your finish, Sally. I am so sorry that I am so far behind on my blog reading and commenting - I'll try to play catch-up by seeing what I've missed on your blog.

As always, even if I'm not reading your blog, I am thinking of you - I hope you are doing okay, and I just wanted you to know that you are always in my thoughts {{{hugs}}}