Friday, 8 April 2011

A New Start and Progress.

This is kinda getting bad! Another new start this week and I should really stop before  all I have is new starts and no finishes BUT it's my hobby and I enjoy it. I will have finishes eventually! Anyway my new start was for the PS SAL over on NH which is a lovely, friendly Yuku forum run by Clare. I decided, after much deliberation, on Daffodils which is lovely and bright and, well, the thing that kind of swayed it was the sheep! Yes I am a sheep lover as well as a snowman lover incase you did not know!!! So here's my progress from last night.

Monday evening was SAL night with Barb and Colleen so out came Shepherd's Bush Emmanuel's Song. I did not quite manage to finish the cross stitch that I had started last week but never mind it'll get done this Monday then I can move on. Aren't these colours just so soothing? I can't wait to get to the bottom cross stitch row as it's those cute SB sheep!

I hope you are not getting bored just seeing WIPs but I haven't had chance to get my DT Spot of Winter actually stitched up as yet. Maybe this weekend? So here's a little progress on another WIP this time Silver Creek Samplers Dandy Dreams. Not much progress as I've just been adding a few stitches in an afternoon when I've had chance. Just love this verse on here.

Of course I am still stitching madly away on my anniversary sampler BRD Stitched with Love. It is going really well too and is so simple to stitch. Love these colours.

Finally those WIPs that seem to be getting left behind! The Primitive Needle's freebie By the Light of the Moon  ( Spooky SAL piece) has not seen the light of day for a few weeks now. The reason for that is my print out of the chart is rather bad and I can't see some of the symbols properly. I really want to finish this so I may just finish the tree and leave it at that so that I can make it up and have it on display at Halloween rather than leave it and have it become a UFO. The other one has had a teeny bit of attention and that is Shakespeare's Peddler Jenny Bean's Pin Tuffet. I plan on finishing this for a friend if I can get myself motivated to actually get the stitching done. I think I need a mental health day with nothing but stitching!

I have had a sort of my stash and am hoping to get all my DMC spares put into an inventory and I've also had a bit of a sort through my charts and have popped a couple more on my for sale page so please have a look to see if anything takes your fancy:) These are unused. I've had thema while and decided that I just won't stitch them. Thank you:)

Thank you for all your good wishes for Abi and I. We are both feeling a lot better although she scared me ( and herself) on Monday afternoon as she started to feel dizzy. I decided to read through the side effects of the diclofenac that the doctor had prescribed and sure enough, right down the list, was dizziness so I rang the surgery about it. They rang me later to say not to let her have anymore and to give her ibuprofen instead. Thankfully she's getting there now and her headache has gone.

Well I am off to play blog catch up for a bit.

Take care everyone and whatever you are doing enjoy the weekend.




Hazel said...

Such lovely wips again Sally. I really want to start my Dandy Dreams one now. Maybe tonight... but I am waiting on fabric to start Bouquets!! Eeeeek. x

Barb said...

Hey Sally it is not another new start (well it is) just call it inspiration for all of us who like to keep tabs on what you are up to,lol.
I love Emmanuel and I think you are making a super duper job of it.
Awww The Anniversary piece is so cute, Dandy dreams I love that saying too.
Glad Abi is feeling better ,
hugs Barb

Cath said...

Yay , go for it .
Never feel bad about our new starts , if you are enjoying them . All beautiful too . X

Always smiling said...

Well it doesn't matter how many new starts you have enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!! Variety keeps me going and I am happy when I know I have a choice and not just one thing, They are all looking good.
And I loved the Dandy Dreams saying.

Hugs Chris x

Kate said...

A new start it may be but.....
it is a hobby not a job, meant for enjoyment - so enjoy!
Glad Abi is feeling better.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I do enjoy seeing WIPs just as much as HD's and when you stitach the stuff that I do I can assure you there would only be 4 entries a year with the BAPs I like to work on.

Lesleyanne said...

A lovely new start Sally. Go for it - it is supposed to be a hobby after all. Love all your wips and they all look great. Glad you and Abi are feeling better.

marylin said...

Oh your stitching is very beautiful !!!

have a good week end

jane said...

Lovely new start and your WIPs look lovely. I especially like the BRD anniversary piece - it is really coming together now and looks stunning. Glad to hear that Abi is feeling better

Ranae said...

WIP's are just as good as finishes :)
I love new starts I have a couple that I need to start tonight sometime, lol

Colleen said...

I do enjoy seeing wips; isn't a Start a wip? lol.
Your stitching is always so lovely, Sally. Love, love, love Emmanuel, SB colors are so soft & calming. BD anniversary is coming along nicely. I can't wait to see the sheep!
Glad that Abi is doing better & hope all is going okay for you.
I'll see you & Barb on Monday SAL.
Thank you for sharing your stitching, it is so lovely to see & very inspirational.
Hugs, Colleen

Ellen said...

I love to start new projects too, cannot resist them, lol! I enjoy following your wips progress!


Nadia said...

Sally, your BRD is looking really good, not far to go now. Can't wait to see it finished x

Carol said...

I can't resist a piece with sheep in it either, Sally--looking forward to seeing your PS Daffodils piece grow!

Anonymous said...


You sure are busy with all of your WIP's. That's what keeps you happy and I say go for it! I have some but can't seem to focus.

All of your WIP's are coming along nicely. I can't wait to see your new start progress.

Lately when I see patterns with sheep in them I seem to want to stitch them up. They are cute. I just never knew it before. Have fun with those sheep.

Nancy in IL said...

Sally, you shouldn't worry about new starts at all. It IS your beloved hobby, and if it makes you happy, then do as you wish. I do! After all, you have had a couple of finishs lately!

I worry about Abi and her low iron and headaches. I know you do too. I wonder if the headaches are connected to her low iron, though I would think that the iron she's taking would alleviate that problem. Poor little thing...

I love looking at your WIP's and starts. Your stitching is, as always, inspirational.

Lisa said...

Love your new start Sally.
More progress on your wips as well, you're doing great.

Christine said...

Great WIPs Sally. Looking forward to seeing ES finished and sharing your happy dance

Julie said...

Dandy Dreams is so lovely, i agree the verse is lovely

I hope you get your wedding anniv sampler finish in time

Brigitte said...

I've just browsed through all your blog posts that I missed while I was away from blog reading during the last weeks. And wow, your stitching projects are many and they are all wonderful. Your progress on them is incredible, your needles must be smoking all the time, lol. And a new start is always a new motivation, so I always start something new whenever I feel like it.
Good to read that Abi and you are feeling a lot better by now.

Suzanne said...

I love seeing WIPs, it makes me feel better about all my WIPs. You are making great progress on your pieces.

Michelle said...

Lovely WIPs Sally - always enjoy seeing yout stitching. You were right abot BBD's A Stitchers Journey - there are so many in there calling out to be stitched! x

Elisa said...

Your WIPs and new starts (lol) are loking fab!

Glad to hear Abi is feeling better xx

Lois said...

Lovely WIP's Sally and such a nice new start. Glad you're all feeling a bit better. If you'd like a better copy of that freebie let me know and I'd be glad to send it your way.

Anonymous said...

A lovely new start. As long as you enjoy what youre doing that's the main thing!