Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful!

The white stuff is still hanging about even though we haven't had any for a few days, until today that is, but freezing temperatures have meant that the snow has frozen solid and the roads and pavements on our estate have been treacherous. Abi's school was closed for three days last week and again on Monday due the state of the pathways and roads on the site although when they re-opened yesterday she did not return as she has laryngitis and is on antibiotics. Poor girl was in a right state this morning in floods of tears as she was feeling so ill and is supposed to be going on a textiles trip to London on Friday.  Anyway the weather is supposed to become slightly milder ( only by a couple of degrees I believe!) over the weekend then next week it's back to the easterlies and bitterly cold again.

Onto my stitching! I've been beavering away stitching and trying to get things finished off but can't show what I've finished so far and I still have a couple of pieces to finish and one to stitch! I haven't stitched on the December SAL piece, LHN Poinsettia House, since last Thursday as I wanted to get more done on Shores, try and finish the JA stocking and another LHN ornament but this is my progress from then. It will be coming out again tonight. I just love this and am enjoying it so much. Hope the other girls are getting on well with their LHN Winter ones.

Shores went quite well but to make sure I get it finished by the end of the year I think I might stitch on it on a Monday evening as well in place of the Jane stocking :) Not much to do on the whale so hopefully that  bit should get done Saturday evening. I doubt I'll get any stitching done on Friday evening as if Abi goes on the London trip her train doesn't get in until 8pm and the school are not providing transport to and from the station in Hull so we have to take her and pick up.

Sunday evening I finished LHN Snowy Pines but having just taken a piccie of it I realised that I haven't added the beads ( the pretties as Diane calls then :) ) so I will decide whether to add them or not.

I started LHN Fa La La once Snowy Pines was done and here's my wee start. I do love these ornaments, they are such fun!

Monday evening I was hoping to get my SAL with Barb finished. Both of us are very close to finishing The Sampler Girl Jane Austen Sampler Stocking. I didn't get it done so picked it up again last night only to run out of DMC 927 and I didn't have a spare skein anywhere ( typical!) so I'm going to finish it when I've finished this blog post.

I finally received my Just Nan Christmas Sheep Ornament Pocket and Vintage Sheep thread winder yesterday from Stitches N Things. I pre-ordered it before I went on the stash wagon and it was shipped on 11th November. Unfortunately I got stung for £12.08 by customs so I am not a happy bunny! In all the time I've been ordering from the USA this is the first time it's happened so it's turned put to be an expensive order so I shall be a lot more careful as to the amount I order in the future LOL! The ornament pocket and winder are gorgeous though and I'd love to get the pocket stitched before Christmas.
That's all my stitchy news for now. DH and I didn't get all our Christmas shopping done last week thanks to the weather and not wanting to risk getting stuck anywhere! We did get out on Saturday into Hull but it was utter bedlam! I think the whole world and his wives were out! Anyway we are hoping to get finished on Friday- fingers crossed!

Hopefully Jess is coming home for the weekend this weekend as it's my birthday on Sunday. We are planning on going to the Victorian Christmas Market at Beverley. We've been for the past couple of years and it's really good.

No news of DH's job yet. I just wish they'd get on with it as the waiting is awful.

Right I had better get off here and try and get the stocking finished :)

Stay warm and safe if it's cold where you are.

Take care everyone.




KarenV said...

Lovely stitching Sally! Our snow has gone, thank goodness, but it's still bitterly cold here.

We order most of our Christmas stuff online (or make it) - certainly beats fighting with the crowds ;)

Julie said...

Good luck with getting the Christmas shopping done, this weather is certainly causing havic with peoples plans

Lovely stitching and so much of it as always LOL

Hope Abi is well enough for the trip on Friday

Lesleyanne said...

Gorgeous stitching as always Sally. Lovely progress on everything. I'm loving stitching on LHN Ponsietta House and haven't put it down since I started it. Hope you get all your christmas shopping done soon and Abi is well enough for her trip to London.

Catherine said...

I hope your Abi is feeling better!!

Love all your stitches. We haven't had any snow yet, but it sure has been cold and very windy.

Nicola said...

My goodness Sally you have been busy. All your WIP's are looking good and I love your Snowy Pines finish.

After leaving a comment on Chris's blog about the December SAL she asked in to join in so I'm stitching LHN's Winter Wonderland, and I made a small start on it yesterday.

I hope Abi soon feels better abd will be able to enjoy her trip to London.

valerie said...

Lovely stitching! I hope Abi starts to feel better. I would hate to miss a textile field trip too! Good luck with the christmas shopping. I am about half done...still lots to do. Have a wonderful birthday this weekend! I hope that it's a good day!

Beth said...

Love your stitching progress. I will send positive thoughts for your DH's job and your weather for the weekend!!

Clare - Aimetu said...

Great stitching Sally, I need to book my online order soon too :)

Christine said...

Lovely stitching Sally!
Hope Abi feels better soon and is fit for her trip on Friday

Rachael xx said...

Lovely stitching updates
I hope you have a lovely day on Sunday!!

Christina said...

I'm with Karen - most of my Christmas shopping was done online with discount vouchers and free delivery codes! Ah, the wonders of google.
I too am becoming addicted to LHN ornies. After stitching Frosty Flakes I'm now making my way through their designs in JCS Christmas issues.
We barely got any snow but it's very cold, the type of cold that gives you numb hands within minutes of being outside!

Fiona said...

aw I hope your daughter feels well enough to go on her trip, your stitching all looks so lovely & I hope you have a wonderful (snowfall-free) birthday x

Ellen said...

Lovely progress on your wips!

Happy Birthday and good luck with your Christmas shopping!


Michelle said...

Hope you have a lovely birthday on Sunday Sally. Your stitching is lovely. Sorry to hear your daughter has been unwell. Love to you all xx

Lisa said...

Love seeing more progress on your wips Sally, and well done on finishing Snowy Pines. Fa La La is already screaming at me with that gorgeous red colour appearing lol.
I hope Abi is feeling better really soon, I know how miserable it is when you want to be able to make them better but can't, that's just how I feel with Erin at the moment, could cry for her myself.

jane said...

Lovely stitching Sally, I love Poinsettia House. I hope Abi feels better soon and you get your shopping done. Enjoy your birthday and your weeknd with Jess!

Dani - tkdchick said...

I really love the fish and octopus in your latest shores square! So much fun!

You've got a beautiful array of projects on the go I look forward to your Jane happy dance!

TeresaB said...

As always I love seeing what you're stitching on Sally. I'm so excited for you that you're so close to two wonderful finishes.

Hope you get your shopping done and that Abi has a great trip. Sounds like fun.

Ranae said...

Sally! Everthing looks fabulous.
I wish a truly beautiful Sunday Birthday