Friday, 23 April 2010

In My Garden

No that does not mean I have been gardening! I hate to say it but I am not a keen gardener which is why I only have a small raised flower bed in my front garden. I wish I was more into it as I love to see pretty gardens but I'm just not! Which is why this roll from Shepherd's Bush is so pretty as it brings some flowers into my life and beautiful colours:) Unfortunately when I got it all finished up into a roll and was messing with the ribbon to get it right the dragonfly button lost it's tail so I was really disappointed.

Shepherd's Bush In My Garden Roll Kit

Started 14th April 2010

Finished 21st April 2010

Another finish is the Dragon Dreams piece and I got it finished up as a bookmark.

Dragon Dreams Lost Dragon Sampler

25 count fabric

DMC, Caron Waterlilies, GAST

Started 2nd April 2010

Finished 14th April 2010

I've also finished the scissor fob to go with the LHN Needle and Thread scissor bed but I haven't got the braiding done yet to sew on so will show that another time.

Onto my WIPs now and at the moment I only have three! My 10 stitches a day on Chatelaine Spring Morning just aren't happening at the moment. I just can't seem to get myself motivated to pick it up again yet but I'm sure I will eventually. This is my progress on At Home with Jane Austen by The Sampler Girl which I'm doing as SAL with Barb, Hazel, Lesleyanne and Tracy. I have done more since this pic was taken yesterday as I've had a change round of my rotation and will be stitching on this on Thursdays now.

I did have a good go on Shores this weekend , my SAL with Jane and Nicki, so I'm really pleased. Block 3 seemed to take forever but it's now finished and block 4 is well on the way. The lettering seemed to go really well on this block after a bit of a shaky start!

Finally a little more progress on Just a Thought Sampler Garden Casket. I'm really enjoying this as it's such a simple stitch and so pretty. I'm looking forward, though, to getting onto stitching other bits of it.

While I think on I have added the two JN charts I've stitched recently as well as the LHN to my for sale blog if anyone is interested :)

You may remember I ordered a couple of small Shepherd's Bush kits from Fobbles back in February. Well I'm still waiting! This is not Fobbles fault by any shape or from as they thought they'd have it in by mid march but are still waiting for it to arrive from Shepherd's Bush. Oh well it's not like I don't have anything to stitch in the meantime!! Lol!

Hasn't it been a lovely week here in the UK for all it's been very chilly first thing in a morning and at night?

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!




Siobhan said...

Wonderful finishes! I like your progress on your WIPs, too. I'm not big into gardening, either. I wish I was but I'd rather stitch flowers than tend them in the garden. ;)

Have a great weekend!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

What a fabulous set of stitching! I love your needleroll...have so many myself to stitch! All of your things are great, Sally. Keep on stitching, you're really accomplishing alot!! Hugs, Deb

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely progress on your WIPs. Your finishes are gorgeous. I have to say I do like pottering in the garden and love to sit and stitch in it when all the flowers are out.

Hazel said...

Lovely finishes. Great progress on Jane Austen. I'm taking mine away with me this weekend to the JA stitching weekend. Maybe I'll catch up with you lol. x

Ukka said...

What a lovely stitchings and finishes!:)

KarenV said...

Everything looks wonderful Sally! Love your needleroll finish, but it's a shame about the dragonfly button.

jane said...

Beautiful work as always Sally. Shores is looking great and I am so far behind :-(

Cari-in-VA said...

What wonderful finishes, Sally!

I'm not a gardener either and have no desire to be one. Your WIP's are lovely - you have been stitchign up a storm.

Enjoy your weekend.

Lelia said...

Fabulous stitching!! I stitched that needleroll, too - and I'm no gardenter. That is DH's area of expertise.

Nicola said...

Two great finishes Sally, I just love those Shepherds Bush needlerolls. Your WIP's are all coming on well.

Andrea said...

Wonderful finishes and WIPs. I think the weather is set to continue...for a few days longer at least.

Barb said...

Grrr GOT this all typed in and the Internet did it to me again .So I will try again and send it quicker before it can decide to disconnect me. Love the needle roll how many is that.
The dragon dreams has turned out so well too as for your wips simply gorgeous. I am probably at about the same stage as you with the Sal just building a house now .I am LOVING this one so much I have cough cough hang head in shame ordered 3 more of her charts.
Enjoy your weekend sweetie speak soon.Hugs

Elaine said...

Such beautiful finishes Sally and all your wips are so pretty too!

I leave the gardening to Ian, I can;t even have house plants as I tend to kill the poor

Hope you have a nice week-end. Hugs!

Olenka's Stitches said...

Your WIPs and finishes are all so pretty, your stitching are always so inspiring!

Ellen said...

Love that needleroll, it's beautiful. You are progressing well on your wips, especially love that casket sampler.


Nicola said...

Your finishes are stunning! I've always wanted to stitch a needle roll but have never got around to it - thanks for inspiring me!

WendyCarole said...

love the needle roll and the dragon. I think I might have that chart in my stash.

Christine said...

Thats a lovely needleroll Sally, what a shame about the button. Great progress on your WIPs, I'm loving the JA one

Brigitte said...

Two very pretty finishes, congratulations! And such fantastic progress on your WIPs. It must be exciting to see these pieces grow so quickly.

Karan said...

Love my garden but am not a gardener: if it's pretty & I like it, it gets in... after that it's on it's own! LOL
Beautiful finishes, as always Sally, & great progress on your WIP's. :0)

Sharon said...

Beautiful finishes and nice progress on your wip's.

Carol said...

Another beautiful needleroll Sally - I still haven't got around to making one myself yet! I have the kit for the matching scissors fob which I might just have to make a start on soon, now that I've seen your lovely finish!

Love that cute little dragon and all the other wonderful stitching you have on the go! :o)

Mylene said...

I really love your needleroll finishes, Sally. Great job.

I like flowers but am not a good gardener-wish i am!

Julie said...

Lots of nice progress piccies. Shores is looking great. Shame about the button on your needleroll.

Kajsa said...

Lovely needleroll! Great progress on Shores too!

Tracy said...

Lovely finishes Sally, what a shame about the dragonfly's tail, JA is looking great, I was suprised in the difference in colours between the CC and the DMC x

Michele B. said...

The needleroll looks great, even if it's tail-less. I like seeing your progress on Shores, and I just love that garden casket - such a pretty piece. The JA design is on my "to stitch" list - for now I will stitch it vicariously through you!

Solstitches said...

The needleroll is gorgeous!
You've done so many and I just finished my first today :)
All of your WIPS look fabulous especially the Garden Casket which I look forward to seeing more of as I'm not familiar with that design.