Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Another One Bites The Dust!!

No I'm not singing again, I have another finish! Now this one should really have been finished last year but I took a break from it and then, with Lisa's encouragement, I went back to it and now it's finished. I am not sure how I'm going to finish it up so any suggestions would be welcome. It's 8" square.

Blue Ribbon Designs Winter Wingding

36 count Blue Cloud evenweave

DMC thread and a bit of metallic!

Started 31st May 2009

Finished 28th February 2010

So Sunday's are supposed to be UFO night but I've decided to stitch on Peppermint Twist instead until it's finished. My other UFO is Chatelaine Spring Morning, which I last stitched on almost two years. Last progress pic can be seen here but I don't fancy picking it up again just yet! Anyway here's the little bit of progress on BRD Peppermint Twist after I've finished Winter Wingding.

I didn't quite make my hoped for finish of block two on Shores. There was just too much still to do so, hopefully, I will finish it next time I pick it up and move onto to block three! I am really enjoying this piece and had I more wall space I think I'd quite like to stitch the Christmas one next year!! Lol!

Finally a wee bit of progress on Just Nan 4 Wishes. I have almost finished the Summer band, just one row of speciality stitches to do then I can move onto Autumn. This is such a joy to stitch, even that satin stitch border which I seem to spend more time taking out and restitching it than I do anything else!

I have put up my two other planned SALs in my SALS list in my side bar. Barb and I are planning a SAL on The Sampler Girl Jane Austen Sampler Stocking later in the year. We have not decided when yet but I'm really looking forward to it. I also plan on stitching At Home with Jane Austen from The Gift of Stitching sometime as well as a couple of other of Tanya's Jane Austen samplers. I haven't put up the SALexandre that Lisa and I are thinking of doing as it's not a definite yet! I also think I might make a list of things I would really like to stitch this year as a reference for myself and to motivate me into getting plenty of stitching done! These will not be goals as such and if I don't get them done I don't :)

It's a beautiful day here today and it was yesterday too. My longed for frost and sunny day arrived and this morning we had a dusting of snow so the sun is shining. I had a lovely long walk along the seafront yesterday morning which lifted my spirits no end. And talking of lifted spirits, whilst blog walking yesterday I discovered I had won Christine's blogoversary draw and I am so excited! Christine's stitching and finishing are gorgeous.

Time for me to go and do some catching up again!

Take care everyone!





jane said...

Congratulations on finishing Winter Wingding - it looks great1 I must admit I like square designs in frames but that's not very original I know! Good luck with finishing Peppermint Twist. Your WIPs are coming on well - the JN looks lovely. I have hit a bit of a wall with Scores - having a cold has meant I couldn't concentrate on it for some reason but I will be back to it very soon and I have quite a bit of free time in March!

Dianne said...

Yay!!!! You did it!! It's such a wonderful feeling to pick up those UFOs and turn them into finishes! It's beautiful, and that blue fabric is beautiful! Your Peppermint Twist is coming along beautifully, and you'll be done in no time!

Barb said...

OH that is super duper Sally, a frame finish would be my choice too Jane. congrats on the win , it is so nice to win something isnt it.
Your wips and sal are doing well, I just cannot get on with my 4 wishes so I am going to make it into a UFO for when I have finished Vine ,I have told Tina that I am not really enjoying this one. The Sampler Girl sal one do you want to do the At Home one is that the one I have just got chart and threads for on my blog? Which do you want to do first lol.
Hugs and stuff

Lesleyanne said...

I love your finish. I think I would frame it (sorry boring I know). Your WIPs are looking great espcially Peppermint Twist which I just love. I also have At Home with Jane Austen to stitch so will enjoy looking at yours and Barb's progress.

Cari-in-VA said...

Sally, I just discovered your blog - thanks to Staci. What wonderful work you do and so many lovely WIP! Congrats on a beautiful finish - it's always a great feeling of accomplishment to complete those projects that have been hanging around, isn't it?

I look forwarded to visiting again soon - enjoy your day.

Hazel said...

Great finish and wips. I am about to start some of Tanya's designs too. The one in the gos is lovely too. Let me know when you are going to start it. SALexander (sp?) yes I remember that one. I was going to do it with Victorian Motto threads. I am totally addicted to my Just Nan right now! x

Nicki said...

Congrats on the finish! It looks wonderful :) Love your Peppermint Twist too and Shores is looking great - so close on block 2. I've started block 3 and it's going to be great to stitch!

KarenV said...

Sunny days make all the difference, don't they? :) Love your Winter Wingdings finish - I think a pillow finish would look good if you don't want to frame it. Or maybe a tray? Great progress on your WIPs too!

Kim B said...

CONGRATS on the finish! And you're doing amazing with Shores! Those pieces are eye candy to me, but too big for me to feel comfortable working on.

Ginnie said...

well done on your finish and your other WIPs are progressing well. It was been nice and sunny here too, but a bit chilly outside still. Least you start to feel Spring is on the way.

Michelle said...

Congratulations on your finish - how lovely it looks. The Peppermint Twist one is stunning - her designs are lovely aren't they. Michelle x

Michelle said...

Congratulations on your finishes!! Love them all .. I bet you are so happy. That means you get to start something new :)

Sharon said...

Very pretty finish Sally! Congrats.

doris said...

I'm catching up with your posts today, and you're working on so many great things. It looks like you're making big progress on every one of them.

I'm especially wild about your SB Shepherd's Purse. That turned out great.

Seeing your progress on Shores makes me want to get mine out again. It's been on hiatus.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Congratulations Sally it looks fantastic! Could you find a square tea tray that has a glass top that you can put it into?

mbroider said...

Congrats on your finish!! All your WIPs look great, i love the Just Nan the best:)

Cindy's Stitching said...

Wow you have a lot of nice finishes. Congrats.

Berit said...

BIG Congratulations on that Wintry finish! Just in time to turn your eyes to the warmer weather (Like Shores!?) stitching. Or not. Back to the BRD! :P I do love those BRD owls; find myself wanting to stitch anything that has them!! :D

Julie said...

Super finish.
Your WIP's are growing nicely too.
The chatelaine is nice, it'll be nice to see that grow a bit more.

Lindsay said...

Love Winter Windings, makes me want to start it right now but I'm going to be strong (I hope!)

Always smiling said...

Congrats on your finish, I think it would look great in a square frame? And I love that BR Peppermint Twist, I nearly bought that.. I have Between the Lines and Hugs and Kisses if you would like to swap?
Like you I have that Chatelaine lurking at the bottom of my stash so that is a must for this year!
I shall watch what you're doing it might spur me on!!
Chris x

Peg said...

Wow Sally you're on a roll, is it you causing the smoking needles over in Yorkshire :o) They're all gorgeous and I'll watch your progress eagerly.

I hope you don't mind but I have put a link on my blog to yours for people to see your lovely treasures.
Peg x

Michele B. said...

It is a treat to see everything you are working on - I love to see your pieces evolve. Winter Wingding looks great - I didn't realize it was so small - looks are deceiving. While framing it would be lovely I'm kind of partial to thinking of it as a pillow. But whatever you decide will look stunning.

Terri said...

looks fantastic :)

Always smiling said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog,,, shucks I should have guessed you'd have a waiting list for that BR design...but I have had a brilliant idea.. as I have two BR charts and also 2 Helen Philips books I am going to attempt a sort of design of my own using different motifs in boxed sections! A summery one I think?
Happy Stitching
Chris x

Susan said...

I don't know how you get so much stitching done, Sally - great progress on all your pieces.

Congratulations on your finish of Winter Wingding. It's lovely.

Stitcher said...

Beautiful pics, and congrats on finishing Winter Wingding.

I have a question - where is Chatelaines christmas mystery?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful finish!!! Good luck with the other WIPS...you'll get them done!

Elaine said...

Love your finished piece Sally and your wips are all beautiful.

Karan said...

Yay! Well done on another lovely HD Sally. :0)
Lots of progress on all your gorgeous WIP's. Some great stitching plans you have for this year too. :0)

Solstitches said...

Another gorgeous finish Sally!
You have some lovely WIPS as well.
I just love your JN.