Thursday, 21 January 2010

Another Quicky Post!

I have been going to do this blog post for a few days now so am forcing myself today!It won't be chatty I'm afraid but at least I have piccies to show!

First of all I'd like to show my first two finishes of 2010 now that they have been received:) First up is the needleroll I stitched for Michele for her birthday. I know you've seen this a few times before when I've sitched it for others but I really like the sentiment of this roll.

Shepherd's Bush Friendship Roll
30 count blue fabric
Stitched for Michele.

Next is something I stitched for Lisa's birthday. This was so lovely to stitch and I absolutely love the colours. Lisa is a bit of a fan of pink so I thought she would like this :)
Blackbird Designs Small Token
32 count vintage country mocha linen
DMC threads
Stitched for Lisa.

Next up is my WIP on CHS Shores of Hawk Run Hollow which I am stitching along with Jane and now Nicki has succumbed and has joined us! So glad to have you stitching with us Nicki!

And here is my progress on Just Nan 4 Wishes. I'm now onto the spring part of the sampler so it's moving along quite nicely.

Finally my start on HAED QS Holly Fairy but I think a restart is in order. The thread colours of most of it are way too close to the fabric that Abi chose for me to stitch her on and as I'm not planning to stitch the black background it's not going to stand out so I'm going to have a dig in my fabby box and do a floss toss at some point so I've adandoned her for now until I can bothered to do that!

That's it for today!

Take care everyone.




Nicola said...

The two gifts are beautiful Sally, especially the pink one for Lisa. That's great progress on your WIP's too. I love the SoHRH and would love to stitch it for myself, but as I said to Nicki I really can't justify the outlay on it as I just wouldn't have the wall space left for it as I have so many other projects waiting to be stitched. So I'll just have to enjoy watching yours grow.

Rachael said...

The friendship roll is adorable,and so is the pinpillow.
Well done on your progresses.

DonnaTN said...

Wonderful finishes and progress! I love pins & needles and I'm a big JN fan. I like the new pic of yourself. If it has been there a while, I'm lazy and usually read you straight off of google reader so this is the first I've seen it.

Barb said...

Lovely finishes there Sally,I have done the pins and needles too and really enjoyed it.
Good progress on your JN piece too I have just made friends with 1 bunny.
I shall have to try and get myself motivated to pick up my Haed "A Winters Nap" . Take care

Kim B said...

Great progress on your projects Sally! And I love those gifts you sent to Michele and Lisa!

valerie said...

Love the forget me not needleroll. I've seen you post this one before and it always captures my attention. Love the little pinpillow too. Great progress on your wips as well. Hope you find a resolution with Holly Fairy!

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on your WIPs. I love your finishes especially the pillow (it's my favourite).

Christine said...

Stitching up a storm Sally!
I particularly like the pincushion

WendyCarole said...

two great finishes and I love the just nan snowmen

hope you are OK

Julie said...

Nice pics, shame about the new start.

Clare - Aimetu said...

Lovely gifts, your stitching is always so beautiful.

Brigitte said...

The gifts for your friends are so lovely. I have stitched the needle roll as well and really love it.
Great rpogress on Shores and the JN piece. Four Wishes is so pretty and how nicer that you are now stitching on the spring part.

Nicki said...

Love those two finishes, but especially the pillow. I need to do some more Blackbird Designs stuff myself soon - getting withdrawal! :)

Thank you again for the SAL invite - having fun so far and yours looks great!

Elisa said...

2 gorgeous gifts and your WIPs are coming along fabulously...


Susan said...

I love both the birthday gifts you received, especially the BBD one (I'm also a big fan of pink!)

Nice work on Shores. After seeing that some people are working on theirs, I'm going to pull mine out this weekend to work on.

Andrea said...

Wonderful finishes. Great progress on your WIPs.

Michelle said...

Lots of wonderful progress on everything. I love that BBD piece - I really need to get that chart! Love your Shores too!

Mylene said...

Great gifts you've made for your friends. I amsure they'll love it.
Your projects are coming along nicely.

Michelle said...

Hi Sally,

Such lucky girls to get such beautiful gifts from you. You've got some great WIPs too..

symiote said...

All is very loveli ! i specialy like the needleroll!! i have made the Blackbird Designs "pins and needle" and it's so cute! Bravo!!!

Karan said...

Fab gifts - very lucky recipients! Enjoying seeing Shores & 4 Wishes develop. It'll be goos to watch a new HAED grow too. :0)