Saturday, 25 April 2009

At Last Some Stitchy Updates

As promised I am back with some stitchy progress and I have caught up on blogs this morning! Special thank yous and hugs to everyone who commented on my previous post. I am just hoping that one day soon I will get up in the morning feeling as near as 100% as I'm finding it so hard to cope these days. The way things have been and how I feel now makes me think I will never feel well again and no amount of pills or potions are going to make a blind bit of difference. I borrowed a book from the library yesterday and reading it I wish I'd known 5 years ago what I know now on reading it. Anyway enough of my moaning; let's get back to what this blog is mainly about and that, of course, is stitching:) It has been my saviour!

I don't really know where to start so I'll start with the PIF I sent last week:) This random PIF
went to Michele. Michele is one of my dearest blogging friends even though we may not be in touch that much so when I saw this design I just had to have it and stitch it for her. Well I've had it in my stash for a while now so it was time it got stitched! I am happy to say that Michele has received it and she loves it so that makes me very happy:) The chart is now for sale in my for sale and wish list blog.
M Designs Reindeer Needleroll

32 count linen ( can't remember for the life of me what it is!)


PIF for Michele.

Another little giftie I sent is this little biscornu. Now I think I'm safe showing this at the moment but I'm not going to say where it's gone yet! A long while ago I promised to stitch a friend a biscornu and have finally got one done!
Casey Buonaugurio Designs Frog Biscornu

14 count Silkweaver Solo

DMC threads

Little gift for ?????

This wasn't originally my biscornu for the month for the Basket of Biscornu SAL but it is now! Lol! There's no way I couldn't got Just Nan When Barnabee Met Bella finished in time so that one will now be biscornu for May! So here's my progress on that! I haven't even finished the first side let alone started the second!
I'm a bit late with this but this is my progress so far on my SB needleroll for April for my SAL with Chris. This is Folk Heart Roll which is so pretty. I chose to stitch this on the same fabric as I'm using for the JN biscornu.
More progress on Drawn Thread My Favourite Things. I'm really enjoying this one. Lots more to do yet though:)
ly my progress on HAED QS Girly Gothic. Now this girl has had me stitching away furiously in an attempt to get page 2 finished and Thursday evening SALing with the girls from the Our Friends HAED SAL I made it! I can't quite believe how quickly I mananged to get this page finished. When you consider that when I picked her up again mid- February I still had to finish page 3 and now I've got page 3 and 2 done I'm quite proud of myself:) It has helped a lot SALing with Lisa and Claire on a Wednesday then with the Our Friends HAED SAL on a Thursday. So I now have about 64 rows to go and she's finished! As this is for Abi and my last HAED finish was for Jess I've decided that my next HAED start will be Tiny Treasures Purple Dragon for me:)
I think that's all my updates for now:) I think I may have to cave and stitch the Petites Littres Rouges piece as shown on the Blackbird Designs blog. I have seen some very pretty interpretations of this piece on blogs as I waas reading this morning and I don't think I can resist any longer. I know I won't get it finished in time to enter the competition that Barb and Alma are running but that does not bother me:)

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. It's our wedding anniversary tomorrow ( 23 years) so we're going out for Sunday lunch with the girls:)

Take care everyone.



Ginnie said...

Lots of lovely stuff there. I love that frog biscornu I have the chart somewhere too!

Karen said...

Saw the beautiful needleroll you did for Michelle and just stopping by to look at your wonderful work. Love the biscornu and HAED!

Christine said...

Thats a lot of stitching Sally! The frog biscornu is very sweet, and i love the reindeer needleroll

Kim B said...

You have been stitching away! I so hope you are feeling 100% soon!

dianemi said...

That is indeed a lot of stitching! Not to mention there are a couple of *finishes*!! (I've heard about those). lol They are gorgeous Sally and you so close to being finished with Girly. Love her and it's been fun watching your progress. Still holding you in my thoughts that you get back to 100% reak soon. Have a 'stitchy' week-end! (((hugs))) di

Natasha said...

beautiful stitching.. I know Michelle wilkl love those reindeer :)
Thanls for sharing your lovely pictures with us.
Take Care

Andrea said...

Some wonderful finishes and WIPs.

Happy Anniversary!

Sheila said...

What lovely gifts you´ve made :) Hope you continue to feel better each day.

Ranae said...

I love that froggy biscornu and the needleroll is fabulous itself.
Everything looks great and glad to see you posting your lovely stitching.

Dawn said...

All of your stitching looks spectacular!!

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby....23 years is quite an accomplishment.:)

missy said...

Beautiful stitching!!! I have the that frg biscornu about half way done. I too will be stitching that BBD Freebie and like you it doesn't bother me that I won't finish before the deadline.....I already won with being able to stitch it for FREE!! I love a great freebie!!

Happy weekend!!


Mylene said...

Great stitching and finishing, Sally.

Happy happy Anniversary to you and your dh. Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. ((hugs))

Suzanne said...

Such beautiful stitching! I have been doing the frog biscornu as well. I love this Just Nan design, I have it in my stash to get done one day.

DonnaTN said...

I'm so sorry that you are feeling so awful, but glad your stitching helps you through. Your finishes and progress look great. Happy Anniversary and have a wonderful day!

Kajsa said...

Wow, you have really gotten a lot done. Everything is just beautiful, that biscornu is just so sweet.

sofietjes borduurwerkjes said...

its very nice al.
you have been busy i see.

greetings sofie

Claire said...

Gorgeous stitching as always Sally! And so exciting that you are nearly finished Gothic Girl - you will probably have her finished next week!!

Deb said...

All your stitching looks wonderful. You've gotten so much done and it all is great! Hope that you're feeling better soon.

Brigitte said...

You have made some great stitchy progress on your WIPs. I have already seen this little reindeer needleroll on Michele's blog (I think) and I really love it. Such a nice little gift.
I'm so sorry that you still don't feel 100% but it's so good that stitching can cheer you up a bit. I hope you are fully enjoying your wedding anniversary with your family today.

Julie said...

Lots of nice progress.
I know where that biscornu headed (i think LOL)
Happy Anniversdary, hope you had a nice meal.

Daffycat said...

Holy smokes, have been busy! I especially love that foggie biscornu! I have the Just Nan biscornu in my stash, seeing yours makes me want to start it!

Susan said...

I've been a little behind on my blogging reading and commenting, too.

Your stitching is all beautiful - I really love that biscornu you sent, and I can't wait to see the Just Nan one all stitched up, too.

{{{hugs}}} - I'm sorry you're so down.

Lynda said...

Hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday on your anniversary, and here's hoping too that you will feel better soon.
Well done on all your stitching - it's beautiful and a delight to see.
Take care.

Michele said...

Hi Sally,

Love all your wips! and your finishes :) My reindeer needleroll is now on my stitching showcase shelf in my stitching room .. makes me smile everytime I see it :)

The book you found at the library sounds intriging .. glad it's helping!

Hope you and DH had a wonderful Anniversary!

Karan said...

Hope you had a very happy Anniversary Sally. So many beautiful pieces on your blog - thoroughly enjoyed seeing them all. Two very lucky recipients there too. :0)

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful stitchings Sally!

Siobhan said...

Beautiful stitching! Lovely gifts. Happy anniversary!

Carol said...

I'm so sorry to hear that things are still not good with you Sally and do hope you start to feel better soon! I didn't have too good a weekend myself but feeling a little better for now!

Love seeing all your updates and finishes - all wonderful as always.

Happy 23rd Anniversary - hope you had a lovely lunch.

jennie said...

hi sally
lovely stitching and i know where that is going the froggie one hehe. it's lovely.

RuthB said...

Good Heavens, look at you go! Congrats on so much stunning stitching and even bigger congrats on 23 years!!!! Woo hoo! That's really something to crow about.

So, I gotta know... did you cave and do a BBD sampler? lol

Mel in Dubai said...

Wow, Sally, wonderful stitching! Girly will be done in no time - she is really looking good :)

Sorry to hear you're feeling down ((hugs)).

Hope you and DH had a lovely anniversary - congratulations on 23 years!

Paula said...

Hi Sally, Fwoggie Biscornu has arrived and is gorgeous thank you so much, you're so thoughful Sally....
I hope you are feeling better soon...fingers crossed.
OOOOh Girly Gothic is gorgeous and really growing, you must be so pleased with your progress on her.

Hugs, happy stitching and thanks again Sally for the biscronu and cards....((hugs))

Olenka's Stitches said...

As always you have a lot of pretty stitching, I especially love Just Nan When Barnabee Met Bella and your HAED - soon we will be watching a happy dance!
Have a nice weekend!

Stitchingranny said...

Wow Sally you have been busy. The JN's have so much detail in them that even a small design is never a quick stitch.

You will pull through and feel better eventually I know but its such hard work when you are in the middle of the pond and the edge seems so far away. Sending Hugs dear friend.

jojo said...

Beautiful stitching Sally, JN is gorgeous :)