Sunday, 14 December 2008

More Birthday Cards and Gifts and Some Stitching!

Thank you to everybody who left Happy Birthday wishes for me on my last post. It means the world to me:) I had a lovely day and received more surprises through the post on the day and yesterday:)

First of all from Karen I received this lovely Polstitches Nature's Grace opalescent fabric and Carrie's Creations threads. Now I love Polstitches fabby and Carrie's threads so thank you so much Karen.{{{hugs}}}

Next up is the gorgeous handmade card and JBW Friendship Quilts chart from Karan. I love seeing Karan's handmade cards on her blog as she has a real talent for them and I admire them so much. The Friendship Quilt chart is gorgeous and I have had my eye on it for some time. Thank you so much Karan {{{hugs}}}

DH arrived home on Friday afternoon with these pretties:) All pink and just gorgeous:)

In the post yesterday was another gorgeous handmade card and this lovely fabric and DMC thread from Helen. Helen I love this fabric as it's so pretty and the card is beautiful. Thank you so much {{{hugs}}}.

You may remember in my post on my birthday Chris and I were hoping to meet up after the let down on Wednesday when her car wouldn't start but, unfortunately, her DH couldn't get her car going so she couldn't come. We were doing a private ornament exchange so we decided we'd post them rather than wait and see if we got chance to meet up before Christmas. Anyway my package from Chris arrived yesterday afternoon and inside was a birthday card and gift as well. She sent me this Whitman's tin which I have admired and would have loved for a long time ( since I saw it on Carol's blog) but they are not easy to find. Now I have one and look at the pretties inside it:) Isn't it beautiful? Chris' stitching and finishing are gorgeous. Now does anyone know where I can get a pair of scissors to fit inside the tin??? Thank you so much Chris. I love it! {{{hugs}}}

Also inside I found two beautiful ornaments for our exchange. These are JBW designs and I absolutely love them. I love JBW designs so Chris couldn't have picked anything better to stitch for me:) Another thank you Chris!! LOL!

So I can now show what I stitched for Chris as she received it yesterday. This is Carriage House Samplings Merry Christmas and I stitched one of the birds on the back along with our initials. It was a pleasure to stitch this for Chris and I am so pleased she likes it.

No other stitchy pics today. I am almost finished with my stocking so hope to add the last stitches to it today as well as ) finger's crossed) finish my BBD Blessings and Kind Wishes. I got loads stitched on my stocking last night whilst watching the X Factor Final. I was really disappointed when Diana went out last week as me and the girls wanted her to win but after seeing Alexandra performing Silent Night last night there couldn't have been any other winner than her. It's my absolute favourite Christmas carol and it brought tears to my eyes when she sang it. Her song with Beyonce was amazing! Anyone else in the UK watch it or are you all Strictly fans??

We are having an afternoon out this afternoon. Beverley has a Festival of Christmas each year and there is a Victorian Christmas market so we are going to that. My aim is to get a basket to display my stitching smalls in. I bought one last year ( or was it the year before???!) and it's full so need another one. We are taking Abi's friend with us and then she's coming back here for tea. Jess has gone to Hull with friends and has just rung to tell me she's bought a black tree for me. I've been wanting one to display Halloween ornaments on next year!

I think I am way behind on blogs but I promise to caught up in the next few days. Don't forget the contest to name my gorgeous snow white bunny from Julie in my previous post:)

Take care



Stitcher said...

Great birthday gifts, glad you had a nice day. and I love my ornament. Thank you.

brokenfairy said...

You have received some wonderful cards and gifts,you lucky things and both the exchange pieces are wonderful.
I watch X factor, I am so glad that Alexandra won, my opinion is that she lost her main competition when Laura and Rachel were booted off.
(Sorry, I thought Diana was a bit strange )lol
But if we all liked the same people there wouldn't any competition :0D
The black tree is a great idea for Halloween,will look forward to seeing it in October!!

Susan said...

Happy belated birthday, Sally. It looks like your friends treated you well!

Angela said...

You were spolit on your birthday. The tin is very cute and what lovely cards you had.

Both exchanges look great.

I'm a Strictly fan - it's been Tom for me since the first dance of the series.

Redwitch said...

A bit late but 'Happy Birthday' anyway! You received some lovely pressies and a great exchange too :)

Have you tried the Sampler Guild, They have the Seaton Scissors which are 2.5" although they may be a bit wide though. Linda is lovely to buy from, I would definately recommend.

icelandmom said...

Belated birthday wishes to you Sally. Hope you had a wonderful day. All the best from Edda

Andrea said...

Wow Sally, what a packed post. All of your gifts are wonderful. The ornamnet sent to Chris is lovely too.
The scissors I use for my Whitman tin I bought from Siesta Frames ( which are petites, 2 3/4" in length. They are available in gold, half gold and nickel I think, 3 colourways anyway. Fit perfectly.

Julie said...

More wonderful gifts.

Nice ornies you are Chris exchanged too.

I wonder if the little black putford scissors would fit in the tin?

Mylene said...

WOW! So many wonderful gifts. Enjoy!!

Stitchingranny said...

Glad you were happy with my little offering Sally.

I love the things you got expecially that fabric from Karen, I just love opalesent fabrics.

The ornaments from the exchange that Chris stitched for you are stunning.

Carol said...

Happy belated birthday Sally. You received lots of lovely pressies!

I love what you stitched for Chris. All year I had been planning to stitch this one for my sister (obviously changing friend to sister) but didn't. Seeing yours I now really wish that I had! I'll have to make more of an effort and do it for next year.

You must have been really excited to find the Cloisonne tin in your package from Chris. BTW, you've made me a little poorer now after visiting Olga's! :o)

Irene said...

Lovely goodies. The stitching both given and received are wonderful !

stitcherw said...

Ooooohhhh awesome goodies you got. Your mailman certainly has been busy. Your Carriage House for Chris turned out lovely too. Lots of lovely goodies to look at.

Cindy F. said...

Wow! You really have had a nice birthday with beautiful gifts! Love your stitched piece you made for Chris too!

staci said...

Happy belated Birthday!!! You've received some really lovely gifts to help you celebrate!!!

Jeanne said...

Such wonderful bday gifts and the Whitman Tin kit is just gorgeous! The Putford scissors will fit I think and they are not too expensive -you can find them online. Happy Holidays!

Solstitches said...

Happy belated birthday Sally.
You received some lovely gifts and the flowers were beautiful.
I love the CHS pillow you stitched.
I'd like to stitch that one some day.

sammyjo said...

Yours and chris's stitches are really great! im going to suggest flopsie for your bunny just because its cute! :D

P.S. the flowers are lovely!

Laura said...

You received some wonderful gifts! And I love the CHS Merry Christmas ornament!