Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Lovely Weather for Ducks!

Here in the UK we have had the most awful weather over the past couple of weeks or so. Lots of rain and high winds with threats of flooding again in some areas. Some people have been facing the possibility of being flooded again when they are just getting sorted from the floods last June. I hope everyone is safe and free from floods. We have dry weather today but it's going to take a long spell of dry weather for the land and rivers to recover.

I have had my second small finish of the year and I have to say this was an absolute joy to stitch. It is Blue Ribbon Designs A Christmas Wish ( chart can be found on the freebie page at
Blue Ribbon Designs ) and I stitched it using GAST and DMC on 28 count Quaker Bantry fabric in biscuit. I decided to finish it off the same as the BRD ornaments in the December issue of The Gift Stitching and used Mill Hill beads for the beaded edge:) I am delighted with the way it turned out and this will be winging it's way to the USA shortly.

I have finished stitching the Stitch and Stash SAL challenge for this month but still have to make it up yet. I'd better get a move on as reveal day is Saturday! I can't show it before or I'll be in big trouble! Lol!

Last night was Queen of the Needle night and I sat down straight after tea with my MP3 listening to music and made a start. I am still in awe of the gorgeous colours in this piece and I think this is one of my most favourite Just Nan pieces. It is an absolute joy to stitch and I never think that I can't be bothered with it. I even enjoyed the over one backstitching!

Today is Ink Circles Sea Stars SAL with Karen then the rest of the week is HAED quick stitch Girly Gothic. I'm hoping to make good progress on Girly Gothic this week as I have a bee in my bonnet about getting her finished so I can start Holly Fairy which was a gift for my birthday from dear Fudgey:)

My order from Daisy Stitches finally arrived last Friday. It didn't come from Daisy Stitches but from The Trilogy as it was two of their charts I'd ordered. Long time coming from 17th December but it's here safely now:)

Have you seen the first of this years Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers? Oh my God I could be in so much trouble but I am supposed to be on the chart wagon and doing a project challenge. I was discussing it with DH yesterday and he said if I wanted to join it to go ahead. Bless him; he never begrudges me anything. I then started talking myself out of it saying I'm not supposed to be buying charts and I'm not sure I can justify buying more when I have a lot already and he said he could see my point and I probably can't justify it. Then again I'm thinking that these are quite special and it's only 6 charts in a year which will be retired next year. Hmmmm!!! I might ( only might) treat myself when I have my first proper finish of the year ( not just a little one!).

I was tagged by Teejay last week and had this saved in draft.
4 jobs I have had:
Sales assistant
4 movies I watch over and over:
Pirates of the Carribean ( any of them!)
Top Gun
.4 Places I've Been
Lake District
Pitlochery ( Scotland)
North Wales
4 Places I've Lived:
Just here!
4 TV shows I watch:
Holby City
CSI New York
CSI Miami
4 Favorite things to eat:
Spaghetti Bolognase
4 people that e-mail me regularly:
Nobody really!
4 Places I'd rather be:
Somewhere cold and snowy
4 things I look forward to this year:
Just spending time with my DH and daughters
4 People I will tag:
Not going to tag anybody but if you'd like to have ago just do it!

I m way behind on blog reading at the moment so will go see if I can catch up a bit before lunch. Hope everyone is having a good week. {{{{hugs}}}}


Vonna said...

QotN is just looking so great! And your ornie is lovely, I want to do this one too! I'm in big trouble with that loose feathers too.....oh no!

lena-lou said...

What a lovely ornie :)) I think the new Loose Feather is nice too! The JN piece does certainly have the most gorgeous colours and it looks such a feminine piece too :))

Stay dry we have no rain here today either !

jane said...

Lovely stitching Sally, I just had a look at the Loose Feathers design and I want it too! "thank you" for enabling me ....lol

Julie said...

Your ornie is stunning Sally, i very nice finish, love the beaded edge.

QOTN as always is amazing!!

I've not seen the Loose Feathers and i better not go alooking for it roflol


Michelle said...

Congrats on your finish. QOTN is really zooming along - glad you're loving it. I say go for it on the BBD Loose Feathers - they're worth it!

Stitchingranny said...

Love your new finish and thank you for the design link (I have been and downloaded it).

You are well ahead of me now Sally, really great progress. I hope to do mine tonight.

Also please can you tell me where the little design you did for Lisa came from as I would really like to stitch that for a friend.

Nicola said...

Lovely ornament Sally, and QotN is growing really fast. Looks great.

Itching To Stitch said...

Very nice finishing!! Queen of the Needle is progressing quickly. Oh and thanks for making me look at the new BBD Loose Feathers, it is gorgeous, but I cannot buy another chart ;)

Michele said...

love your ornament Sally :) it's on my list of things to stitch! some year lol

I haven't seen the Loose Feathers yet .. and not sure I should! lol

Queen is indeed lovely! I'm enjoying your updates with this one.

Stay warm and dry sweetie!

Mylene said...

The ornament turned out great, Sally.
Progress on Queen of the needle is looking good!

Susan said...

Lovely ornament, Sally. I love the way you finished the back, too!

Karen said...

Queen of the needle looks great

Dawn said...

The BRD ornie is beautiful!! QotN is coming along nicely, too:)

Rachael said...

What a cute ornie! And I do love the queen of the needle!! great progress

Karan said...

Love the ornie Sally (another on my To Do List) and QOTN just gets better & better.
Off to check out Blackbird Designs to see what I'm missing. ;0)

Solstitches said...

Wow! Your Queen of the Needle just keeps on getting more and more gorgeous.
I absolutely love it but then Just Nan is a favourite with me.
I love your Blue Ribbon ornament also. You're off to such a great stitching start in 2008.

Like you I'm sooo tempted by the new Blackbird designs Loose Feathers. It's the thought of the one at the end that is so tempting to me.

monique said...

I had not yet seen the new Loose Feathers chart... I like it!

Nice Blue Ribbon finish!

Sachiko said...

Oh!I made "Blue Ribbon Designs" last year,too!Your back view stiches are lovely!

Laura said...

You are really moving fast on Queen of the Needle. And I love your cute Xmas ornament, especially the way you did the back of it.

Michelle said...

Once you get a Blackbird design, you will be hooked! I belong to the Loose Feathers club so I get a new pattern every 3 months.. check it out sometime!


Sam said...

Beautiful stitching and finishing Sally. QOTN is certainly coming on - such pretty colours :o)