Thursday, 23 August 2007

Very Proud Parents and Other Stuff!

GCSE results day is here and DH and I are very proud parents today! Jessica's GCSE results were nothing short of brilliant! She got an A* in History, 9 A's ( 2 in IT, English Language, English Literature, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, RE, and French which she did last year), 2 B's in Physics and Citizenship, a C in Italian ( which was only about a 6 month course) and a D in Art. She is very pleased but disappointed in the D in Art as she thought she might get a C. So she is now clear to go into 6th Form and study Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology starting 10th September. She has to go in on 4th September and enrol and have a 10 minute meeting with the head of the 6th Form. We'll be celebrating her achievements at some point but it won't be tonight as DH is going to a speedway meeting at Sheffield which is a benefit night for Garry Stead who was recently paralysed in a speedway accident.

The holidays have been a bit of a wash out really as far as going out is concerned but we have managed one day out so far! On Tuesday we went across the country to Knowsley Safari Park and had a fantastic day out. I will have some photos at a later date when we get the films developed. Unfortunately the digital camera batteries ran out before we had a chance to take any decent photos! We were lucky enough to see a new born buffalo out in one of the fields. It was still very wet and very wobbly on it's legs! Lol! It was lovely too see all the different animals in as natural a habitat as possible. I will add some photos when I get them back.

Tomorrow we are going into Hull as I think the girls would like a bit of a shop up and we still need to get some uniform bits for Abi and stuff for Jess. Saturday we're going to Cruckley Farm. As old as they are the girls still love seeing farm animals etc and it's years since we last went there as we've always gone to Honeysuckle Farm which is just outside of where we live. Keep your finger's crossed that the weather is good!

Some of you have asked for piccies of Abi's bedroom so I took a few with the digi camera. Wish we had a better one as the pics are not brilliant!

I haven't got a great deal of stitching done this week due to a tension headache plus I found a mistake on La D Da's Love is Patient when the heart border did not meet at the top. When I have had my stitching out I've been unpicking a bit then stitching it back up until I found where the mistake was, which, as it turned out, was about 3/4 of the way back round the heart! As you can imagine I was not too pleased but it's done now and I'm onto the wording. This is stitched using one strand of Crescent Colours on 28 count Sassy's Fabbys Cheryl's Wild Rose which a beautiful colour. I might do a bit more on this tonight or I might get HAED Guardian back out. Tomorrow is the start of the New Start SAL on the HAED board so I'm taking part and starting quick Stitch Girly Gothic. I am all ready to go barring gridding my fabric so I might do that tonight too!

Well I had better go as I think DH is in a mood with me:( Hope everyone is having a brilliant week and thanks for reading and commenting:)


Dawn said...

Congratulations to Jessica! You must be so proud of her!

Abi's room looks great. I thought about doing the haed new start sal too but I have only just started Mystic Wood and don't fancy another just yet as I am loving stitching her. Can't wait to see girly gothic! Caron is my fav artist along with Molly! I have that chart to do too but thought i would wait a few years till Charleigh is older (she's only 3 LOL)

Dawn x

Edda said...

Congratulations to Jessica. I can imagine you must be very proud of her.

Teejay said...

Have a great time on your shopping adventures. Abi's room is really cute!

Niamh said...

I've been reading your blog for a while through bloglines, and usually I'm too shy to comment anywhere!

But you mentioned Knowsley Safari Park and I thought ooooh because I live 5 minutes drive from there at that side of St Helens.

Julie said...

Congrats Jess, well done, i've been thinking of you all day LOL (Amy got a D in her Art exam when she did the GCSE's and she thought she'd done a lot better so don't be downhearted about that)

Abi - your bedroom looks fab, so girly

'Love' is looking great, sorry you had a visit from the green thing!

Ranae said...

Congratulations to Jessica. I love the color of Abi's room. I hope the Love gives you no more problems, it looks great.

Michelle said...

Congrats to Jessica! Abi's room looks great - so bright and cheerful. Great progress on Love - I hate ripping out!

Paula said...

Well done Jess you clever girl.
Sally you and Carl must be so proud.....
Abi's room looks great bet she loves it.
Huggles and Happy stitching...

Lynn said...

Oh well done Jessica, what an amazing achievement!
Abi's bedroom looks lovely, the same colours as my DD2 always picks lol

Mylene said...

Congratulations to Jessica!! Well done! Abi's looks great.

Hazel said...

Clever girl!! Well done. They seem to take so many now don't they? xx

Karen said...

Hope your DH is in a better mood now lol
well done to Jess on her exam results and the photos look great

Stitchingranny said...

A big congratulations to Jess, obviously a very clever girl, and I can understand why you are so proud of her.

Abi - you have a great bedroom, hope you are going to keep it tidy lol.

Glad you managed one day out and hope the weather is fine for the two more you are planning.

Stitching is great despite froggie coming a wooing.

Lol Sally so much to comment on today I feel like I'm writing a book.

Mad Dixie said...

Well done to Jess they are great results, Abi's room looks really girly.

I can totally sympathise about the heart I'm trying to finish a wedding sampler with a heart and the same thing happened so I pulled it back started again and worked out it was wrong in another place as well so I've had to pull one full side out and the bit underneath as it didn't line up either, I think it must be a heart thing

Mindi said...

Love the fabric choice you picked for Love is Patient, the colors will look very nice. Congratulations to Jessica!

stitcherw said...

Congratulions to your DD, that's wonderful, what an accomplishment.

That would have been such fun to have seen the baby buffalo, I'll look forward to seeing pictures of your outing. The pictures of Abi's room looked great, you can certainly tell it is a girls room. :)

Sorry the frog came to visit, hopefully the rest of Love will go smoothly for you.

Sheilasembroidery said...

Congratulations what great results.
The bedroom looks great and you sound as if you've had a good day out.

There are lots of frogs in my garden, stitching ones come and go but the real ones are hiding under the rocks trying to stay cool

BeckySC said...

Congratulations to your DD, Sally :) I know you must be so proud :)

The room looks wonderful :)

chiloe said...

Hi there,

Thanks for your visit to my blog! I love to discover and it was a great idea you stopped by and said hello!

I love your christmas mystery !!! It's so beautiful. Congratulation for your daughter! It's so great when kids do well at school.

I added you to my google reader!!!

Carol said...

Wow, congratulations to Jessica and her very proud parents!!!

Heather said...

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Jessica on her exam results Sally.

Abi's room looks lovely.