Friday, 3 March 2017


Well here we are in March! Really??!! It hardly seems like 5 minutes since last Christmas. Oh how I wish time didn't go so fast! It also hardly seems like 5 minutes since I did my last post. I don't seem to be getting any better at keeping up with it all but never mind. At least I keep trying I guess.

So since my last post I've finished something that I can't show. It needs making up but my enthusiasm has been non existent. Maybe this weekend I'll give myself the mighty push I need and get it done. No other finishes but I am hoping to have the odd one or two this month.

However I have had a page finish and a couple of new starts. The page finish was on my lovely Father Christmas. It's been a long time coming but page 5 is finally done so I just have 4 partial pages. Doesn't seem much when I say it like that but it's still plenty lol.

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to start Just Nan's Lorelei Lamb which Chris bought me for my birthday in 2015. Well start it I did although I haven't got a massive amount done. I just hope it actually looks like a lamb by the time I have finished!

My other new start is Stitchers Anon Designs Season of Joy which was one of the charts I won in Gaynor's giveaway on Facebook. I am stitching this one at craft group and am loving every single stitch.

I have some determination to get Sotto La Neve finished. Last week I ended up frogging quite a lot of one of the trees as I had miscounted so I was not a happy girl. This week it went much better and I've started filling in bits of red on the trees. Hopefully it won't be too much longer but there is a LOT of white to stitch!

Winter is coming along nicely. I'm leaving the back stitching until last and just concentrating on getting the cross stitching done. I started the door this week. Barb is working on the W.

I am still stitching a bit each week on Guardian but I doubt very much that I will manage to finish the challenge of a page finish. I am not even half way yet and there is only about a month to go. I should have known really that just stitching on it one evening a week would not be enough but I'm not stressing about it! If I manage it I do and if I don't, no worries!

Finally it's progress on the final page on SK Dragons History. I am so over this WIP! I will finish it but I'm just not feeling it anymore. When it's done I'll be making it into a bookmark for Abi. 

That's all my stitching news for now. On the book front I set myself a challenge on Goodreads of reading 15 books this year. I really need to get more read if I'm going to do that! I am doing a little better now. At the moment I'm reading Alice by Christina Henry. I bought it last year after seeing it in Waterstones then  after reading some reviews I wasn't sure if I really wanted to read it. However I started it last weekend and am really enjoying it. It's very dark and disturbing, not my usual read, but it is very good.

That's all from me for now. 

Until next time.

With much love.

Sally xxx